Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to School Mix and Match Collection with Circle C Sewing

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Good morning girls! (:

I am sorry not to have this post up sooner, I slept in! he  he :D

Hope everyone is loving school! I know those on the East coast don't start until after Labor day weekend.

Anyway. American Girl released a mix and match collection, correct? Well I don't like very much of it. It doesn't even match, and to me, they look very un-stylish (making up words as we go along ;))

So when I saw Circle C Sewing........

I knew, I had to create my very own "Mix and Match" Collection using only CircleCSewing doll clothing. Everything is so adorable, it was hard to choose!

I finally decided upon a skirt set, and a tunic set. Plus Deana, even included an extra skirt set for a future GIVEAWAY!

Here is what I got. I picked out the polka dot skirt set and basic white tee, because I just love funky patterns, and clean lines. The tunic and leggings set is adorable, and reminds me of Paris.

And that adorable outfit? That is for the giveaway! Another funky patterned skirt and red top. 

Mix and match! Everything matches. 

Here is a closer look at the giveaway item.

My favorite all time outfit. I just love this.

{A small photoshoot with my doll Leah and her new outfit from Circle C Sewing}

They turned out lovely.

We were so impressed with the items we ordered, that we are already saving up our money for more! Reasonable items, with an amazing look.

1. Great quality.
2. We love the soft knit on the shirts.
3. The skirt quality is durable and stiff. (love it!)
4. Came wrapped all pretty, and arrived in only a couple days!
5. Amazing service, and Deana is so pleasant to talk to!


Remember to check Circle C Sewing out here:

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