Monday, August 12, 2013


Emily Bennet!

Thank you so so much Katie, from Adollable Dolls for getting her for me at the Benefit sale.

She is adorable!

I don't know her new name yet, her personality, or her life style. But I do know that I love her. Thank you Katie {once more!}.

I have a post "about her" coming up. ;) We will see how that goes.

Until then...... a photoshoot!


  1. Neat! Love the pictures and her outfit. I noticed the shrug from Lanie's Butterfly outfit.

  2. That outfit looks amazing on Emily! Beautiful colors for her! I'm sure she loves her new home! :) Glad you got her safe and sound! ;)

    Katie/Adollable Dolls

  3. Lucky! I love Emily! :) I miss reading your posts. We should video chat soon!

    Love, Jessica

  4. *gasp* Are those...PONIES!? Beautiful Emily, wish I could get her before she's gone!