Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Details about our big contest

I should have a review up later today. :} Any of you huge major Hearts 4 Hearts girl fans? How about dollhouses? Back to school clothing? We got you covered. This week will be full of fun.

Okay, so I teamed up with Katie, Christina, and Chloe and we are going to do a huge project runway doll version contest.

Haven't watched the show? Project Runway is a fun creative show about several designers who are paired with unbelieveable (and sometimes crazy) rounds. :} 

*Reminder, the most recent PR's are filled with trashy language and rude body language. We recommend watching the older ones, for a more family enjoyment time. ;)

Anyway. If you sew, you can enter! There is no age limit. Several fun (and mildly scary) rounds that will blow your sew-tastic mind!

Several prizes. Several rounds. Several designs. Get ready, get set, go! WAIT. Just kidding. ;) As soon as we have a "sign-up" sheet, you can start enter.

Check out our website.

And please follow. :)

Also. Email us with any questions (or concerns) at There are limited spots. Share this with friends!


  1. [Repeating Google comment]
    I don't have skills, but I'm certain many will "Make it work."

    And I completely agree...the earlier seasons were best with regards to language verbal and nonverbal. Must be the new network.