Monday, July 8, 2013

Has anyone recently taken a look at Pinterest? Well, high low skirts are really in. Don't know what  a high low skirt is? You have some issues. Here are some pictures! {ALL via pinterest}

Arden B. Women's Embroidered Waist High-low Skirt - -

Bejeweled High-Low SkirtPolka Dot High-Low Skirt | FOREVER21 - 2061068947

Yes, they are very popular. The ones above are big "wants" in my doll fashion world. BUT it can go wrong very very fast! I just don't think the one below is very "chic".

Layered High-Low Skirt

WAY too short for the high part, and too long for the low part. Make sense?

Talking about low high skirts, I am so excited to say that I found the perfect shop for them on Etsy!

Is just plain amazing. Their prices and quality always blows me away. I also have bought a pair of leggings from them, and I love them {see more in my leggings post}.

Here is Marisol wearing it! <3

The quality on this low high skirt is amazing. Beautiful silk like fabric and the colors are so "fall" like. We can't wait to wear this with a cute blouse and some heels. ;)

Love this layered low high skirt! ^^^^^

Service is fast... (arrived in 3 days)...... items are so reasonable..... quality is OUTSTANDING...... the latest fashion trends..... and of course, Wendy is lovely to talk to. <3

There are no cons!

We thank ShimmerMyst for sending us this item to review, and wish their shop the best, we LOVE them and would love to support them in anyway possible.

The link once more: {Website Link}


Also. Our lovely Marisol doll was sold. :( I am happy and sad at the same time. I purchased another doll with the money. :)

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  1. Gorgeous! <3
    I love high-low skirts too, I'm working on a few pairs. ;D
    Marisol was very loved, I bet she was sad to leave too, but she'll remember you. :)