Thursday, July 4, 2013

Giveaway results, and NEW DOLL! {More updates}

Hi girls! :)

I hope everyone is having a happy, fun, full of awesome-ness 4th of July! :) This morning I went to a parade. It was very fun. :} Top it off with some Pei Wei, I was happy!

Ok, so the giveaway ended YESTERDAY. The results should be up soon. ;)

ALSO. I now have $450 in my bank account. I have decided to purchase a new doll.
Now I really need your help. I cannot seem to narrow down the dolls, to find the perfect one. To me they are all perfect. :}

Should I get?
An orential doll: Ivy....#30...#40
Emily, because she is retiring.....
OR #35

It does not end there. :}


More things coming soon:

How to make doll sized sandwich!
How to do Saige's hair.
A legging review.
Another fun giveaway {contest?}
Huge haul.

Also, DO you think you know who I am? lets see how good you do! ;)
Enter here to see if I am who you really think I am!


  1. I would get whatever doll is least like what you already have. If you have another giveaway, do a contest! They're so fun!