Friday, July 19, 2013

Floral Skinny Jeans - by FrogBlossoms

Floral skinny jeans are really in right now. Actually anything floral. ;) Which super duper surprised me at first. Floral is a total 80's thing. Are we stepping back over 30 years?!? Maybe! FLORAL SKINNY JEANS with a whole new twist.

We were offically doomed when it came to seeing "FrogBlossoms". We just know a lot of our money is going to be spent there. :}


Fun Fact: I don't believe these jeans were made using a Liberty Jane pattern. They don't have pockets.

We just love how urban these two fabrics (denim and lace) look together.

YOU CAN CREATE this outfit too!
Buy a pair of skinny jeans (several different kinds) for $9 each, and then head over to my shop for a lace shirt.

LOVED the way it was packaged. The tissue paper and the little ribbon was a keeper. ;)
Such a unique floral pattern.
VERY reasonable!
Shipped in three days!
Great fit, and GREAT customer service!

No pockets. That honestly doesn't both me, because why have pockets if you have a purse?!? Just wanted to let people know!

Thank you so much FrogBlossoms! :)