Thursday, July 18, 2013

Updates with your Favorite Etsy shop

Thanks for reading GALS!!

My Etsy shop release (last one until Christmas) will probably be posted on Saturday. Denim shorts, lace shirts, and fun tanks. Have fun dreaming up a storm. ;)

Four other Etsy shops (part of my faves) have some updates to share!


Donna from Un-ending Treasures  just wanted to let you know that she is now offering free shipping on any order of $15.00 or more. The coupon code is youareatreasure1.

Is that exciting or what?

Use it as many times as you like! Here are some cute things!

American Girl Doll Clothes - 4 pc skirt, tank top, baby doll top and capri leggings 18 inch doll clothes  American Girl Doll Clothes - black t shirt with a pleated skirt - 18 inch doll clothes


Caroline over at Jamie Jumps has her new line out! {it is selling out FAST!}

Pleated Chevron Skirt in Red - American Girl Doll Clothes  Anchor T-shirt - American Girl Doll Clothes Embroidered Pocket T-Shirt - American Girl Doll ClothesBlack Chevron Tights - American Girl Doll Clothes Bootcut Jeans - Navy Stitching - American Girl Doll Clothes

And more!


Also...... see that lovely Marisol doll? That was Primrose (my doll!). Glad she likes her new home!


My sister has one addiction (unlike me, I have like over 30). DOLL UNDERWEAR!

Ebony over at "The Glam Doll" just added a bunch! Check them out ;)

GREAT DEAL 3-Pack of Doll underwear for 18 inch dolls


Socks are totally in! :)

I like layering socks with high boots, cute converse, or just going casual at a sleepover!

Lime Green/Black Irregular Stripes White Lace Trim Doll Socks for 18" American Girl dolls Orange/Ivory Wide Stripes Beige Lace Trim Cotton Doll Socks for 18" American Girl dolls White with Watermelon Pink Lace Trim Cotton Doll Socks for 18" American Girl dolls

SO many more! :D

Releaserain has it for you!


Hope you liked this update post :)

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