Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A custom order from Offoxandbird - I need YOUR HELP!

I am in love with fashion! I recently visited Marshalls. The place where urbanista's shop for fashionable items. I am glad I found another Marshalls fan. :} Leah is so sweet, and we are talking about a custom order.

I already custom ordered a shirt, and it turned out lovely.


{pictures are not mine}
Isn't it lovely? Such a dream!

Now I need your help deciding if I should get more. :} I was going to make my AG order sometime soon. So if I do get these items, I might not be able to get a lot of items in my AG order.

Pinned Image

This dress in this color:  with the exact colored lace. :)


These shorts in a dark grey lace, or a Mauve color.

What are YOUR thoughts? :)


  1. The dress is cute! Follow your heart, and your fashion sense!

  2. Oh there all so adorable! hmmm.....Well the shorts would be better for mix and match but the dress is center piece on its own :)

  3. Both are adorable! I love lace! :) As to which one to get, I would look through my doll clothes and see how many dress and shorts I have and whichever one I had the least of or I wanted more variety in I would choose that one. You can always get the other one another time too.

    Katie/Adollable Dolls :)

    1. I agree :) Ok, I think you are right! I have a lot of dresses, but none with lace. I have not really any shorts but one with lace. ;) lol

  4. Oh, such a hard decision! I would probably choose the dress- it would make a good stand alone piece, and would just be adorable in doll size. The shorts would be adorable, too, though, especially in muave.

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  6. Sorry, I keep accidentally posting in my sis' account:P I would go with the dress:) <3