Monday, June 10, 2013

Voilet tells you about her her own words.

{Everything said in this post is said by Voilet, my #29}
Hello! :)
Summer is here! I actually hate the heat, and so my siblings have a hard time getting me out to enjoy "fresh air". I guess the AC (air conditioning) doesn't count. ;)
Tuesday was a normal boring day. Schedule is below.
10:30 - Wake up (it is summer people!!)
11:00 - Eat brunch
1:00 Go on computer, take a shower, play with dolls, etc.
3:00 Nap time
I have no idea what I do after that. :} Just mostly play around. Don't get me wrong! I LOVE having no school, but it is SO Boring not doing anything. ;)
At 2:45 PM I normally hear Saige race outside to get the mail (why does she always get so many letters?). But this time I heard the sound of the USPS tires rolling up our dusty street, and I heard no Saige. No door slamming. No nothing. The USPS guy (or is it a girl? I don't know. I mean I had never been out before.)  is honking like mad (we don't have a mail box. :} It got blown away some time ago XD). So I run (.....walk.....) our there to release him of his duties. :} He hands me a bunch of letters/pakcages, and National Geo. Magazines.
Letter for Saige.
Letter for Saige.
Letter for Saige.
Letter for Saige.
Letter for Saige.
Package for Voilet
Letter for Saige.
Letter for Saige.
Wait..... did I just see something for ME? Oh my gosh!
So I tear open the box! And what do I see but this DARLING dress from
I am SO excited to show you pictures.... with me outside. ;)

This dress (as my mommy would say it) is very high quality! :)This is a VERY simple dress, but it has class, and a funky and fun look to it! It is TOTALLY me. :D

Items are shipped fast, with a sweet note, all wrapped in tissue paper.

Most of the dresses come with a "sash" or "belt". Made using a ribbon. Our came so nicely wrapped. We love how it can come on, and off the dress.

The dresses average at about $10. In every color, pattern, you want. Trust me. Minnie Mouse? Lime green? Chevron? Orange and pink? Something for Kanani?

Thanks again "The Whimsical Doll 2" for sending us this dress.

Me like chevron. :D


  1. I LOVE this dress!! It is simply ADORABLE!!!!

  2. It looks so pretty on Violet!

    Katie/Adollable Dolls

  3. Cool post and the dress is lovely as well as Violet. :)