Monday, June 10, 2013

And the winners Are..........

{sorry again for all the confusion. Please be patient while I figure this out.}

Laura and I really liked your entries! We didn't find one we didn't like!

We wish we could all give you prizes!

1st Place goes to: JESSICA

{Her story}

I shivered against the cold, winter wind and wished I had thought to bring my coat with me. I looked up at the large, winter moon. It was stark white against the starless, night sky. I sighed, disappointed. There weren't any stars to wish upon. I felt like a little girl again, just standing there. Though this time Papa wasn't with me. I knew I should be getting back to the house soon, but I decided to risk a few more minutes. This precious free time rarely came and I didn't want to waste it.

Ever since I had taken the job as Mrs. Doyle's maid and her children's nanny two years ago, I hadn't had time to do anything for me. Strict Mrs. Doyle and the kids required all my attention. She wouldn't even think of letting me go out on my own or take a day off for no reason. And since I was an orphan, she technically owned me. Taking care of her and her house was hard work, but it paid well. Every payday, I made sure to put as much as possible away in my papa's bag with my other precious belongings that stayed with me at all times. I couldn't risk losing any of it, as I was saving for college and a house of my own. It had been mine and Papa's lifelong dream. Only three more years until you are an adult, Lucy. Only three more years. Then, you'll worry about no one but yourself!

Crunch, crunch, went my boots on the grass frosted with snow. It was almost Christmas, and because of it, it had been a struggle putting the children away for bed. But when they were all finally fast asleep, I had snuck out the back door of the house and had come here, relishing in my moment of freedom. Being that it was winter, I didn't escape often since I was usually too tired after a long day of prepping for Christmas. I was glad I had come tonight. Before making the trip back through town, I turned my head of auburn hair to the sky once more and gazed into the darkness. Even though there weren't any stars, I would make a wish anyways. I wish that when I stand here next, I'll be all grown up with a house of my own and a loving family to share it with.

Laura's Thoughts: I'm blown away by this one!!!  I love the descriptive words and phrases.  Everything flowed so well.  She developed her main character perfectly and made her very likeable.  I like how she used the spot in the picture in her story but did it in a way that it didn't seemed forced at all.  I would totally read a whole book by this author!  

{Congrats Jess! Please email me with your choice of shorts!)


and 2nd Place goes to....... CHLOE!

Lanie's Journal- October 18

As I slowly trekked through the woods, I thought why? Why do people have to die, and why do people have to be so cruel and rude? Why do they have do such things? Why does Aunt Sophie have to be so nasty? Why? With all these questions swirling around my head I knew one thing for sure; these wood feel like home. I didn't realize it at the time, but they gave me serenity. Like when I was with mum and we were up early in the morning to watch the sunrise, from the balcony, on our flat. But that doesn't happen anymore. It hasn't happened for a long, long time. Now though, when I'm walking through the wood with my new binoculars dad gave me for Christmas, wearing my favorite jacket, in my favorite color, olive green, dressed in the shirt mum helped me sew myself, and the boots mum gave me for my birthday, I felt like she was there walking through the woods with me, holding my hand, like she did when I was young. I thought I could hear her whisper words of encouragement in my ear. 

"Lanie! Hurry up!" 
As I marched down the stair case, I could see Aunt Sophie gobbling a pie- or something of the sort. I walked outside, she didn't seem to notice, and I saw a big yellow bus screeching around the corner. I was late. A flash of blue and green dashed around the corner, and ran after the bus. I shook my head in disbelief. There was still plenty of time before school started, I could walk. Rather then strolling along the sidewalk, I took the long way through the woods. Once again, I wondered why, but for a different reason this time. Why is this my destiny,my path? Why did I move to America? Mum often told me, things happen for the best. You may dislike your situation now, but in time, you will appreciate it.

In time I suppose, and most likely a lot of time. Maybe dad will come home. Maybe Aunt Sophie will become nicer. Maybe I'll make new friends. Maybe I'll enjoy my new school. Maybe I can watch the sunset from the front porch. Maybe I will like America more then England. I do believe one day I shall appreciate it. That day not being today, nor tomorrow.  I know mum will never come back, but here in these woods, she is here, here in these woods. Our woods. 

My Thoughts: Wow. I wanted more! I knew how she felt, you described her to the max. I like how you put "Lanie's Journal" at the top. Very well done! Congrats! :)


Thanks again to everyone that won, and to everyone that entered! :D

What was your favorite? A writing contest, or a photographer contest? We will OF COURSE have more soon! You all did SO well!

Grace, if we had a third place spot, you would of gotten it! :) Very simple, but crazy good.

Thanks again!


  1. Um...was mine even read? It wasn't even posted on London's blog!

  2. I love Jess'! I didn't see it with the others, but it is my favorite. Great job everyone, I had fun reading your stories :).
    I like both contest types the same, and I will enter when I can!

    1. I agree! :) Can't wait until she publishes a book! Thanks for following up on this! :) Glad to know you like both! :D Have a great day!

  3. Eeeek! Thanks so much! :D We're so excited!!! (and happy :) )

    1. Your welcome! :D Email us with your address!

  4. I personally would like to do a photo contest, but that's just my preference:-) Congrats to Jessica, and Chloe!!

    1. Great to know! :) Thanks for commenting! it helps us a ton!

  5. Congratulations, Jessica and Chloe!!! Thank you so much for your complement, AGMarket! :)

    1. Your welcome! :) I really wish you would of gotten a prize. Laura and I loved it. You are crazy good at writing!