Sunday, May 19, 2013

Round #4 Results and next Theme!

Wow, this is going so fast! I have just loved the process, and have fun learning new things! So thanks to all of you again, who have entered! :D

So some people have been having a problem with uploading pictures.......mine are uploading, but they are really small when it comes to the fashion fling! No bad thoughts please.

Our judges are "N" and Alyssa! if for some reason your judges spot is blank, that means that your judge didn't respond, or didn't reply back in time. Keep looking back in case I update!

Entry from: London
Description: {not given}
Alyssa's thoughts:  Pros- unique outfit Cons- maybe use a different filter?

N from Paperdollsworld thoughts: Pros: love the flapper theme. The accessories do not overwhelm the doll, which is great. Cons: natural light might look better than the editing, but that's just a personal preference.

AGMarket's thoughts: Oh I love this! She looks French! I just love it! It has WAY to many accessories, in an awesome way. ;)
Entry from: Heather
Description: Catalina stands by a vase while showing off her stylish jacket, tiara hair comb,purse, earrings and matching necklace. So many accessories- but they go perfectly with her outfit! 
Alyssa's thoughts: Pros- somewhat good lighting, great scene Cons- maybe you could've fixed her hair and shirt a little bit

N from Paperdollsworld thoughts: Nice picture! I just wish that the tiara and clothes weren't askew and her hair has quite a few flyways.
AGMarket's thoughts: Tiara is not a modern item.....I'm not impressed.
Entry from: Jessie (#2)
Ashley loves to wear her nautical-inspired outfit when it's chilly outside. Her red headband and belt, anchor necklace, and blue earring studs (barely visible) add the perfect touches to the simple--yet very comfortable--outfit. Ashley's dream is to go to sea one day, so her clothes fit her personality perfectly!

I made all the pieces to this outfit as a whole outfit, actually, so the accessories were made specifically for it. I entered the outfit in the Doll Wardrobe Fashion Design Challenge, and it ended up winning! I love nautical-themed things, and red, white, and blue is a favorite color combination of mine. I added the gold touches, and voila--the perfect nautical outfit. (:
Alyssa's thoughts: Pros- this is absolutely beautiful. Great lighting, great quality, and cute outfit.
N from Paperdollsworld thoughts: Great lighting and setting, and the outfit looks perfect on the doll. The accessories are kept to a minimum while still adding just what the outfit needs. 
AGMarket's thoughts: I agree. This has the perfect accessories! Love the lighting. This IS a great picture... I just wish we could of seen something new :D
Entry from: Pineapple
Description: Caroline sports a minty fresh t-shirt, paired with a ripped/distressed pair of shorts to create a "springy" look. A friendship bracelet adorns her ankle, along with a purple bracelet with a heart charm for a pop of color. Finally, a black flower clip with little white polka-dots add a simple yet stylish touch to this outfit. (Black goes with everything, right?)
Alyssa's thoughts:
N from Paperdollsworld thoughts:  Pros: beautiful color and lighting, accessories complement the doll nicely.Cons: would have liked a full body shot.
AGMarket's thoughts: O.M.G This is beautiful! You nailed it! Love the collage, the colors, and the pictures.
Entry from: Silence
Description: Chrissa loves accessorizing, but sometimes, it's too much! With two bracelets, two necklaces, and her favorite cowgirl hat, she felt she played it safe- and stylish.
Alyssa's thoughts: Pros- great lighting and unique outfit
Cons- maybe focus in on the doll a little more

N from Paperdollsworld thoughts: Pros: Nice color scheme, looks nice with Chrissa's dark hair and blue eyes. Cons: Too many accessories makes it look a little chaotic.
AGMarket's thoughts: Cute. I received the picture sideways. Its ok. Photo quality is better!
{Sparkle sent in her picture and for some weird file reason, it keeps saying the picture is copyright}
Entry from: Sparkle Studios
Description: I chose this outfit because I loved the way the details felt like the most important point and the least important point. I included cute accessories like a artist hat, charm necklace, Beaded bracelet, and adorable boots!
Alyssa's thoughts: Pros- great natural lighting, adorable outfit Cons- not much, maybe add something else to the background

N from Paperdollsworld thoughts: Pros: Gorgeous lighting and setting, and the colors complement the doll.
Cons: This is just nit-picking, but while the knit hat and furry boots are quite cute, they don't seem to match the spring vibe of the rest of the picture.
AGMarket's thoughts: Nice. But nothing that excites me!
Entry from: Flower
Description: Today is Molly's Birthday so she is in her birthday outfit!! The accessories are, Socks, Roller Blades, Necklace, Bracelet, and hair ribbons!! Also her cake! Thanks for letting me enter!!
Alyssa's thoughts: Pros- awesome theme and background
Cons- try to use a little more natural lighting. Also maybe make the doll look directly at the camera lense
N from Paperdollsworld thoughts: Pros: Good lighting, nice balance of pinks. I'm a little conflicted about the addition of roller skates, but they are cute. Cons: Why are her arms back? Also, the background perhaps isn't the most suitable, though the cupcake tower is nice.
AGMarket's thoughts: Cute outfit. Just the setting needs to be different.......
Entry from: Katie
Description: Nadia is ready for a fun day at the beach and site-seeing in this outfit!  It has a navy and blue striped shirt tucked into dark, denim shorts with bright red shoes and sunglasses, a red and white polka-dot hair bow, and a sparkly, silver bracelet.  It has a nautical look which is perfect for the summer!
Why I Chose These Accessories:  I chose these accessories because I think they really compliment the rest of the outfit.  They add a little spice and jazz and make the outfit even better.
Alyssa's thoughts: Pros- great focus on the doll, nice pop of colors! Cons- none

N from Paperdollsworld thoughts: Pros: Good lighting, good background, nice, simple, flattering outfit. 
AGMarket's thoughts: Sailor is in! Cute cute outfit, and I could see someone wear this, this summer! :D She looks like she is on a boat. Great job Katie! Thank you for the long description!
Entry from: Kathryn
Description: Here we have Lyla, who loves miss-matched prints and accessories! Her extras are: a headband, a necklace, 2 braclets, and a purse. ;)
Alyssa's thoughts: Pros- super amazing quality and lighting!
N from Paperdollsworld thoughts: Pros: I love her outfit, especially the shoes! The colors are lovely and complement her well. Cons: Her face is in shadow, and the combination of patterned bag and shirt make the picture too busy.  
AGMarket's thoughts: Cute pieces.... but something is missing, or maybe it is too many combos of colors, that I don't know what to focus on!
Entry from: Chloe
Description: Kenna!! Kenna, Kenna. My little Dollie here is sitting out and relaxing, enjoying the nice weather we are currently having. EXTRAS: Necklace,Braclet, and Celebrate hair piece. I'm not really sure if her iced team rom doll bucks counts. WHAT'S IN THE BACKGROUND? Well… Toasty here got a bit bored. A frog decided to jump on her why'll he was digging her bones!! Naughty Frog! 
Alyssa's thoughts: Pros- nice theme. Cons- not that great camera quality, a little blurry

N from Paperdollsworld thoughts: Pros: Lots of bright color and natural light.
Cons: The photo quality is not very good, and what with the doll's bright outfit combined with the dog and frog, it's hard to focus on one single thing. 
(Can grammar usage be a con? It should be "while," not "why'll.")
AGMarket's thoughts: Photo is grainy, but it stills looks like something you could edit.... I think the outfit would of been better without the wild hair piece :(
Paige and Elisa, and Mika did not send in their photos. Sadly they are eliminated :(
Key notes: I noticed the descriptions are getting shorter and shorter, please make them longer! Send in your photos earlier! :D
ALSO - the next theme is Blouses, tank top or sweater? What do you think looks most summery, but still chic? :D



  1. Sorry I didn't get to add a description!! :( Our power was out ALL DAY yesterday and we had no clue when we would have it back and then we were super busy so I had to do it real quick and didn't get a chance to think up a description :( I'll add one for the next theme and it'll be nice and long :)

    ~London W. Baker

  2. Oh, no! I forgot to send in my entry. :( I'm eliminated, aren't I?

    ~Sad Mika :(

  3. I don't really know what exactly happend to my pic... Weird :D

  4. Everyone did great! Can't wait to start on this week's theme!

    Katie/Adollable Dolls ;)

    1. I think so too Katie! great job! Thanks again!

  5. This was so much fun! Thank you for allowing me to be a guest judge, I hope that I can do this again in the future!

  6. Angelique-
    Can I enter or what?


    1. Sorry but no ;( It was only open on the first round.