Sunday, May 12, 2013

ROUND 3 Results and next THEME {Fashion Fling}

I TOLD EVERYONE that this was going to be posted tomorrow, but I had some time, and I couldn't bear it any longer, here it is!

Wow! I can't believe how fast the FASHION FLING CONTEST is going! What a fun adventure! I sure am learning some fun photography ways, and fashion thoughts, are you? :D

I have been having a huge problem with half of the pictures sent, the file was going crazy. :/ So to make up for all of your great pictures/work going small (sorry again) more prizes were added to the contest. :}

Our judges today are Ebony from "The Glam Doll" (Etsy) and Ada from Releaserain (also from Etsy)

Everyone sent in their pictures except Jessie #1 , and if they did send pictures, I never got them. :( if they did sent pictures, then you can be re-entered into the next theme. Thank you for understanding!

We need one more judge for another found! VOTE/COMMENT BELOW WHO YOU THINK IT SHOULD BE!

If for some reason one of your judges "thoughts" are blank, that means they didn't say anything or didn't reply in time. :)

The earlier you send it, the better the judges can look at it and tell you their thoughts!

Entry from: Katie

Description:  Nadia is showing off her black high tops!  They look perfect paired with fishnet tights, a satin and tulle skirt, and a baseball style tee with lace sleeves.  The pink detail on the shoes gives them a pop of color.  The blue shirt also adds a touch of spring and style.
Why I chose these shoes:  I chose these shoes because I really like them.  These shoes are one of my favorites pairs.  They are so cute, stylish, and trendy and look great with lots of outfits.  

Ebony's thoughts:
Ada's thoughts: Very good mix and match! Your picture is simple but nice as it shows a good street fashion! She looks prefect with the skirt, fishnet leggings and tennis shoes!
AGMarket's thoughts: I just love the color combo and the hip trend your doll always wears! I am sorry this came out so small.

{First time Sparkles picture came out big!}
Entry from: Sparkle Studios
Description: I Picked these shoes because they make a Statement. Between its bold red colour, Sparkly texture and adorable little bow you can't not notice them! I Paired these shoes to this outfit because I don't think the outfit takes away from the shoes, or the shoes take away from the outfit :) :) :) 
Ebony's thoughts:
Ada's thoughts: Picture is nice and shoes are adorable. Just I think it shows abit blank for the legs since the doll is wearing a white jacket, so I suggest it may look better if the jacket is removed or wearing leggings to match with the jacket.
AGMarket's thoughts: Love the color combo! She looks very hip. Nothing much I can say, great job! :)



Entry from: Chloe
Description: Hi! This is my doll Reece, here today. She is wearing a bright pink pair of roller-blades! She is also currently walking the dog, "butterscotch" (A.K.A. Cooper Mckennas dog).
Ebony's thoughts:
Ada's thoughts: A great idea to wear roller-blades walking with dog! Just I think the photographic pixels are not high enough to show a clearer picture.
AGMarket's thoughts: What a cute doll! I love the bright colors and the dog, but I would of really felt like she was 'rollarskating' if she was outside.

Entry From: Pineapple


Description: Mckenna sports a plaid skirt, a soft, pink jersy knit top, and a hot pink pair of dollie sized "toms." Decorated with small, white flowers and in a cute shade of pink, Mckenna is definitely enjoying her new shoes! :D

Ebony's thoughts:
Ada's thoughts: Picture is ok and shoes is nice, but abit blurry to show the doll face.
AGMarket's thoughts: Cute shoes, cute outfit! Super trendy and hip. Face might be a little blurry. Overall great job!
Entry from: Paige
Gladiators are one of my favorite shoe styles, and summer is one of my favorite months! Together, for me, they're perfect Black heart (cards)
Ebony's thoughts: Those gladiator sandals are amazing! (I wonder if they make them in adult sizes ! lol) The attention to detail and they are so current. I love the angle with which the pictures were taken. It is as if you are looking at them up close and personal. These sandals would make a great impression and would be stunning with an outfit. It gives your doll that edge. These shoes are definitely LOUD and making all kinds of statements. Totally a winner
Ada's thoughts: The gladiators are great! Nice picture! I think it 'd be better if the picture can show the shoes with a matching skirt.
AGMarket's thoughts: Love the shoes! Picture is clear.

Entry from: FLOWER
Molly is posing with one leg on her beautiful, flowery, plant. She has butterflys on her shoes and thought it would be appropriate. :P Silly Molly. :)
Why I chose these shoes!
These shoes are not only cute and match her outfit but are very loud when you walk. Molly usually tiptoes when she is wearing them. :)
Ebony's thoughts:
Ada's thoughts:
AGMarket's thoughts: Hmm.......I don't like the pose too much. Her shoes are lovely! Wish we could of seen more of them!
Entry from: Heather
Description: Skunk waits by a rusty pole for her friends to arrive at school. She's wearing her brand new green boots, and she can't wait to show off the fur lined beauties. They are the brightest and most colorful shoes she owns.
Ebony's thoughts:
Ada's thoughts:
AGMarket's thoughts: Cute! great improvement to quality Heather! Love the shoes! (sorry the picture came out small)
Entry from: Kathryn/Del/Delaney
Description: Here's Carolina-Grace looking pretty with her pink sneakers, sparkly top and capris!
Ebony's thoughts:
Ada's thoughts:
AGMarket's thoughts: Pink diva XD Cute!
Entry from: Molly W.
Description:  chose these shoes because they are old favorites! :-)  They are fun and interesting, but they don't "pop" too much and are a neutral color.  I think that they are probably my favorite doll shoes, and I use them all the time! :D  My doll Ellen is modeling, and she is the same doll as last week.
Ebony's thoughts: Such a cute outfit and I just loved how the doll is posing. The boots just set the whole outfit!The jeans are such a great fit!
Ada's thoughts: A sweet and fun doll wearing with fringe boots, just the picture is not clear enough.  
AGMarket's thoughts: I can't see the shoes. :( Cute shirt though!! :)
Entry from: Mika
Description: I choose it because Julie is a historical character, but today she decided to be modern! Julie got all dressed up and found some shoes to match her outfit! They are duck-tape toms with little white bows on z side!
Ebony's thoughts:
Ada's thoughts: A clear picture! Very creative duck-tape toms, just abit unbalanced and incomplete
AGMarket's thoughts: You made those?!? Nice! Picture quality is good. I wish we could of seen more of her.
Entry from: London
Description: "Upon searching through our shoes we found nothing that was nearly interesting enough for such a grand photo contest! Hence we took it upon ourselves to redesign a pair of old shoes that we didn't like all too much. Now they are able to be paraded around in along with chic outfits paired by moi.
Ebony's thoughts:
Ada's thoughts: Very beautiful and very nice photography!! Love the pictures!! Very well black and white effect with vintage feel to bring out the colored shoes as a main focus!!
AGMarket's thoughts: Another editing master!

Entry from: Jessie #2
Description: Maddi is weaving grass into her pony's hair while she is resting after a long day's work on her family's ranch! She loves wearing her favorites outfit: a light pink dress she got for her birthday in February and her comfy cowboy boots. She loves the boots because they add a rustic country feel to the pretty dress. Maddi also wanted to make flower garlands for herself and her pony, but where she lives, no satisfactory wildflowers have bloomed yet! Instead she took some long stalks from a bush and twisted them into a pretty garland. She's almost as satisfied with this, but she still can't wait for all the flowers on the ranch to bloom!

Ada's thoughts: Excellent photography!! Very nice matching with the horse and background! Love your picture so much even the boots are not the subject of it, a very comfortable feeling. Cheers!
AGMarket's thoughts: Oh the editing on this is beautiful! JUST BEAUTIFUL! We can see the story behind her shoes. great job!
Entry from: Silence
Description: When wearing bright or loud shoes it can be hard to make them not take the spotlight, but, if tone down the rest of the outfit just slightly, you can make it work. Don't wear a ton of pattern with it, If their patterned, no one will see your face, but don't trash all patterns either, it'll give more attention to the shoes. Do keep pattern, try to incorporate the colors in the shoes with the rest of the outfit, it'll really tie it all together. Elizabeth decided this would be good for today, a sunny but slightly overcast day. If it gets to warm, she can shed off her coat and keep cool.
Ebony's thoughts:
Ada's thoughts:  The boots match very well with the jacket! Just the sideways show the boots incomplete and not clear enough.
AGMarket's thoughts: Agreed with Ada!
We have 12 entrys all wonderful in each way. Sadly, we have decided to vote off Molly W just because we would of loved to see at least one AG doll in one entry. You did wonderful! Good luck in our possible our next photo contest! <3
Our sponsors thought that London did a great job editing! The scenery from Jessie #2 is awesome, and Katie cute clothing! ;D
Nice clear pictures!!
The next theme is "Extras". How many extras can you add on an outfit without making it look like too much? (You must have at least THREE extras on this outfit!
Extras include: Necklaces, earrings, socks, bracelets, headbands, hats, gloves, leg warmers, arm warmers (lol), purse, etc!
This is one hard theme! We must be able to see all three ( or more) extras!



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    1. I changed it, thanks for letting me know! :)

  2. If I may, I would love to be a judge in the next round.

    1. I will think about it, thanks! How old are you?

    2. For my safety, I'd rather not reveal that over the Internet, but suffice it to say that I am about to start college.

    3. Yes, totally understand! Awesome! I just didn't want to make sure that I had a 8 year old judge. Are you still interested in being my next judge? If so, please email me at Thank you "N"!

  3. Ahhh! I really, really, like your new header and background! Really cute outfit!

    Adollable Dolls

    1. Oh thank you! :) That is the dress that I made out of a sock. :O LOL! Thank you again Katie! it still doesn't compare to yours. <3

  4. Yay!!! Thats awesome!!! :D Loved everyone's entries!!! Glad you guys liked my picture! I love the new background and header, btw! Its awesome!! :D
    We're gonna get to work on the next round ASAP! I don't know about you lot but I absolutely ADORE accessories so this one won't be too hard I think :)

    ~London W. Baker

    1. Awesome! Can't wait to see it! :D LOL, thank you!!

  5. Wait... Could everybody enter this one?

  6. Such cute shoes! Pineapples entry is our favorite, the photo angle is FAB!

  7. I would love to be a judge!

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