Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! Tons of ramblings! {Update post}

Finally, a big (big!) real post! I am huffing and puffing as I write this. We went to Panera breads this morning for lunch/ or should I say brunch? ;) Church was amazing! I am now teaching the 4 year olds - talk about cute!

First off, I want to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! To all the beautiful mothers that are reading this! My mom means so much to me, she cuddles with me, knows what to do when I am sad, gives me space and a smile when I need it. A big thank you to our moms for raising us the way we are! :D


1. The results for round 3 are going to be posted tomorrow morning. I am incredibly behind schedule for that. Haven't even started. :( EVERYONE sent in their photos! :O Good luck girlies!

2. Someone asked me what my most popular outfit is on my Etsy shop.....the answer is.... the Stripes and Solids outfit (black and white chevron). I have had  3 people custom order the same outfit from me!

3. FOR ALL OF YOU WHO WANT CUSTOM ORDERS from me, convo, comment or email me soon! I will give 10% off to the first three who order a custom order. ;)

4. I was watching a Monchatdelalune Youtube video, and she recently uploaded a really cool tutorial on "sock" items {for dolls} to make out of old socks. My dolls have new dresses :} (Do you want a photoshoot?)

5. When YOU comment on here or either on Youtube it makes me smile <3 Thank you! :)

6. I just reached the 32,000 pageviews mark! Thank you also for 120 followers!

7. How many posts do you like me to do everyday? COMMENT! (0, 1, 2, or three)

Thanks for reading! :D Happy Sunday!


  1. Have a great day! Wow! So many exciting things going on. I like as many post as you can post in a day. I'm always checking your blog for a new post.

    Adollable Dolls

  2. Yay Moms!!! :) :) :) Thanks for doing an update post :) :) :)

  3. That tutorial was awesome!! I have to say I do love chevron so I'm not surprised it was your most popular outfit! I'd probably enjoy seeing 2-3 posts a day but thats a bit much, no? I say do as many as you can handle! :) No one wants you overworked to the point where you don't enjoy blogging as much :( that would be a shame! So do it to your hearts content, I suppose :)

    ~ London W. Baker

    1. I agree! One of my new favorites <3 Her opening video from awhile back was so funny! :D
      The sock things I made are in my new header!! :) They turned out cute! I love "My Froggy Stuff" videos, but I never have the stuff that she crafts with. The good thing is I DO have socks :P

      Thank you! :) I agree! I think as many posts as I can do. I just don't want y'all to be overwhelmed XD

    2. I agree! 'My Froggy Stuff' is good but never have the right supplies! Tsk tsk tsk

      We could never be overwhelmed! Hehe. I think everyone agrees when I say we all love your posts and enjoy reading them :)

      ~London W. Baker

    3. Yes. :D I want to be a crafter, when it is easy :P

      Aww thank you <3 I love your posts and I can't wait for your blog to get HUGE!

      Good luck in the fashion fling contest, editing queen ;)

  4. Happy Mother's Day! :) And congrats! I liked it when you did one post a day because sometimes I am overwhelmed with all the posts since you post so often! :D

    1. :) Thank you! I sometimes agree! I don't know what I should do....