Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lets look at a new blog!

We started off really small! And are super thankful for all of your help in growing us! If you feel like your blog needs a shout out. Send us an email! :)
TODAY we will be looking at!
Hello! my name is Silence and I own the blog My Dolls And Me; An American Girl Doll Blog. Here is the link;
. I post thrice weekly, and I try to make my posts interesting. I will post more when I have time but that's really about all my schedule as of now can handle.
I have 8 beautiful, lovely dolls, Nicki, Felicity, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Kanani, Josefina, Samantha and Cecile. I've been collecting since December 2007. Some of my dolls are showcased on my blog more than others, for some reasons I take photos of some more. Rebecca is a popular one, she is so photogenic. I recently did a photoshoot of Cecile as a Hawaii'in bridesmaid which turned out pretty good!
I'm trying to do good on my blog, and I'm hoping to get my blog go big and get it sponsored. Such as blogs like My American Girl Doll Story, Doll Diaries, American Girl Fan, and so many others. When I get to 20 followers I'm going to do a giveaway, so please help me out! I'm only 5 people away.
Thanks, AGMarket, for showcasing my blog,
Thanks again!
P.S. You can contact me here at ;


  1. Hey, AGMarket, can I do one of these on ur blog????

  2. Awesome! I always really like finding new blogs!

    Katie/Adollable Dolls ;)

  3. This is a nice feature! Please don't think me selfish, but I would be very grateful if you would mention my blog, Paper Doll World. Thank you!

    1. Sure! :) Please send an email about your blog!