Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lace, fabric, and an essential. A review with Historically Designed!

Lace, fabric, and an essential. A review with Historically Designed!

This essential, is a pretty civil war dress. For that time era doll, she needs a dress that is perfect for anything! A spring picnic, parlor tea time with mother, or just any normal day with her friends in the garden!

Do you want to match her? You can get a gown just as elegant! Historically Designed, focuses on BOTH girls and doll outfits.



Mika suggested this would look great on Saige, and I agree! But Victoria (my #25) has never done a review, so this is a first for her.... and a favorite! :)

She added a pearl necklace (handmade), a red flower, and some Josefina shoes to complete the look! Great job Victoria!

The design and thw quality on this dress is amazing. I have never seen anything like it! The fabric is thick, and will last awhile. The lace is so so detailed, and utterly perfect for this outfit! The color choice, the pattern, just everything suits the dress perfectly, and we love it!

The item was shipping very fast, and arrived in 3 days!

Wrapped up all amazing, we did an opening video on our Youbtube channel!

1. GREAT quality!
2. Amazing color choice!
3. easy to get on and adorable!
4. We loved the brown wrapping paper to complete a "civil war" look1 :}
There are no cons!
Remember to check out their link here:
Thank you Jessica! <3


  1. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!!

    ~ London W. Baker

    1. THANK YOU!! :) Your post about your shop should be up soon...

  2. Victoria looks amazing in it! I agree with everyone else - it is beautiful! :)

  3. VERY PRETTY!!! Thx 4 mentioning me!