Monday, May 20, 2013

Glam Doll Underwear- and Releaserain slippers

Hi! :)

Today (or I suppose this afternoon) we are going to talk about some of the things you wouldn't think about buying. I mean, wouldn't you think of buying a dress, or a pair of boots, more that the things that you might actually need more?



Underwear's are must haves (not only for people :})

Glam Doll carries them in tons of different patterns and colors. My sister collects undies. Her dolls are very a happy! :D

1-pair of doll underwear  2-PAIR of American Girl Doll Underwear  1-pair of American Girl Doll Underwear

Underwear for your 18 inch doll, has arrived.

Check it out here:


Releaserain has the most adorable slippers! They are new! :D

Releaserain Animal Plush Doll Slippers Shoes Donkey for 18" American Girl dolls

Imagine these under some grey shorts and a graphic tee!



You all have a wonderful night! :D

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