Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We got Tagged! (2 new ones!)

Hi Girls! :)

Adollable dolls had just tagged me with 2 new tags! :D Lets get started and HAVE FUN!

1. If you could create any American Girl Doll, what would she look like and what would her name be?
She would be very different! Maybe from Africa, France, or the South America's. Kanani LONG hair, and blue eyes. :P

Really cool style, love the makeup, crazy confidence

2. What american Girl Dolls do you have?
Rebecca, Josefina, Voilet (#29), Victoria (#?), Saige, Katrina (#41), Marisol (real name unknown for now), and DREW (my new BOY doll!)

 3. Do you have any non-AG 18" dolls?
Yes, but I don't use her. She is a childhood doll, she is a Gotz doll. :)

 4. What is your absolute favorite brand of dolls?
American Girl - repeat from Adollable dolls!

5. What is the next doll (AG or non-AG) you want to get?
 #53, #55, AND #37!

 6. What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls?
Go on Etsy, buy buy buy, do an opening video, dress them! Take a picture, blog <3

7. Do you have a place for your dolls, like a corner of the room, where their beds are and stuff?
We have a HUGE dollhouse!

 8. Would you rather use the computer/watch TV/play on your electrical device/play video games/play with your dolls?
Computer. :) I don't leave for a second! With Etsy, blogging, and Youtube I am packed!

9. If your parents told you could only have 1 doll, what would you do?
*moaning* I try not to think about that :D

  10. Have you ever found an American Girl brand item (can be anything) at a second-hand store?
Yes, four dolls (Chrissa, Victoria, Voilet, and a TLC Molly) and Steps High (Kayas horse)

11. Do your friends share your love for dolls?
Nope :( Except my lovely blogger friends!! :)

   12. What is your favorite non-AG doll brand?
I don't have one. :) it is AG, or no dolls at all!

 13. Where do you get your inspiration?
Looking at people, people that are inspired... to sew, to make, to play. Etsy is one of those places where I feel like people are so creative, I just follow along!

 14. Does anyone in your family share your love for dolls?
Yes! I have two siblings, and they each have around 6 dolls combined! I am the only one who blogs, but that doesn't mean I am the only doll lover here. ;)

 15. Where did you get the idea to start a blog?
Well...... I saw "My American Girl", and LOVED it. :) My mom found it browsing the internet one night. I fell in <3, and started one of my own!

Thats ONE done!


1. How would you describe your style?
Chic, skirts,, skinny jeans, slouch hats, cardigans, and the list goes on ;)

                                                    2. What are your wardrobe staples?
 Layering objects, cute flats, and at least one good blouse!

3. Most expensive clothing item you own?
Maybe an H & M dress with lace on it? Normally I just find designer brands thrift shopping :)

 4. Most wanted item?
As for my self, as many flats as my closet can fit. :P

 5. Favorite designer?
Me! :)

 6. How much do you spend on clothing? 
I don't have a budget, but I don't go over $30.00 a month!

 7. Favorite places to shop?
Goodwill, Goodwill, Goodwill, Goodwill, and yes ;) Goodwill!

8. Favorite Fragrance? 
Uhhhh I hardly ever wear fragrances.

  9. Favorite way to do your hair?
High BUN!!

 10. Most prized possession?
My dolls. :P Oh, wait, this is fashion wise... I don't know :D

First five people that comment can have the tag! :) <3 you all! Thanks for following me!


  1. Thats awesome!! I assume you dress as gorgeously as your dolls!! :)

    ~London W. Baker

    1. Aww that you! :D I try ;)

      Your tagged!

    2. Its on our blog! :)

      ~London W. Baker

  2. Cute :) :) :) I love your style :) :) :) Can i please be tagged :)

  3. Lol, love it! You got a boy doll and Marisol!? Awesome! :D Will you do a welcome post for them?

    1. He he :) I had fun making it! Yes I did!! :) Yes, I will! Thhough Drew has no wig, yet XD

  4. We'd all love to see your new dolls!!! Thats awesome you have a BOY doll!! I love the name Drew! Hope you do do a welcome post for them

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! :) Ok, sure! The post should be up soon :D

    2. YAY!!! Super excited!

      ~ London W. Baker

      P.S. CANT believe I didn't sign that last one :-/