Monday, April 29, 2013

Fashion Fling Contest RESULTS and next round!

I know, the moment I finally post this, you run to click it, and now here you are...... reading it, gasping for the winner(s)! :D

First off, THANK YOU to all who entered! You all have great skirts, and it is going to be hard to do this, the fashion way!

Our judges (FOR THIS ROUND) are Priya {from} and me! :)


Entry from: Kathryn (aka Del/Delaney) from,
Description: Kenzie (McKenna) is having fun exploring the great outdoors in her new colorful skirt I found in my baby doll clothing box!

AGMarket's Thoughts: I love the angle on this. She looks very "springy". :) Maybe she needed leggings? ;)
Priya''s Thoughts: Really nice lighting!Con: The photo is stretched out, not that pleasing.

(everytime this picture comes out so small?)
Entry from: Sparkle Studios on Youtube

Description: I chose this skirt because I love the lime green chiffon material with pink roses on it :) I also love the  three ruffles that complete the skirt and gives it shape :) I also love the way the pink tank top I paired with it brings out the colour in the roses :)

AGMarket's Thoughts: How fun! She looks ready for spring! But, kinda simple...
Priya''s Thoughts: Contrast of colors great! Con: The angle that the doll is positioned at, the angle the picture is taken at doesn't work for me.
Entry from: Jessie #1

Description: Here are a few shots of my AG, Rachel in a green Hawaiian print skirt with her swimsuit underneath. Me and my grandmother made this to be a strapless dress but when it comes to spring/ summer I though this would be a perfect skirt. I hope you like it as much as I do ;)

AGMarket's Thoughts: Love how you put her in your backyard with the snow, seems like she is "welcoming" spring! The shirt could of been changed though.
Priya''s Thoughts: Bright color of the skirt is really spring! Cons: Photo quality (grainy, not great lighting)


Entry from:
Chloe Blue!
Description: My little model is Kennly here! She is doing a Leap in her exclusive American girl skirt point shoes and homemade leotard! I chose this skirt because I thought the ruffles in the skirt would pop out and I recently got it, I think it's just quite Adollable!

AGMarket's Thoughts: I want to know how you made her do a leap. :P I love the colors! Maybe backround could of been better?
Priya''s Thoughts: Pros: The consistent use of purple. Cons: Lighting (photo is slightly grainy)

Entry from:
Description: Why I picked this skirt:
Polkadots are a Fashion trend this spring. Also it has a cute ruffle and is the perfect length for outdoor play! I made this outfit for my little sisters birthday present so I also wanted to incorporate something I made for this contest! Thanks!! I hope I get to the next challenge!

AGMarket's Thoughts: Cute.
Priya''s Thoughts: Pros: Bright colors in outfit. Cons: Angle photo is taken at isn't super pleasing


Entry from: Jessie (#2)

Description: Sophie and McKenna are rocking their new spring skirts as they play with their dogs in their front yard.

AGMarket's Thoughts: Really love these! They are having FUN! WHILE looking fashionable. I have to say they are so cute!
Priya''s Thoughts Great lighting, nice contrast of colors but the way the dogs are arranged doesn't seem right.


Entry From: Katie, Adollable dolls!

Description: this blue, polka dot skirt is made of cotton material.  A matching sash is tied at the top of the skirt.  It pairs beautifully with a white tee, beads, and some strappy sandals.  The skirt was made by me with my own pattern.

Why I Chose This Skirt:  I chose this skirt because the color is a very pretty color for spring and summer.  Blue is also my favorite color.  The style is definitely in right now too.  I also just love polka dots. 

AGMarket's Thoughts: How chic and elegant! But boy, she looks cold! :D
Priya''s Thoughts Pros: Colors of the outfit against the background . Cons: None!


Entry from: Pineapple on Youtube

Description: Saige sporting her "Red Hot" outfit, including a red denim corset for a spunky look, a pair of brown sandals, and a black skirt, complete with colorful peace signs for a pop of color." :D

AGMarket's Thoughts: I love the shirt on this, it goes well and ties everything together. I love the angle and how clear and crisp the picture is! :D
Priya''s Thoughts Pros: Bright colors/patterns . Cons: Would've been nice to show doll's face more


Entry From: Mika

DescriptionI choose this skirt because it really brings out my dolls personality. I mean, JLY dolls are meant to be unique, so, I thought, why not show that with an amazing skirt? It was hard choosing one, but I finally went with this one. The colors are amazing with my doll, Mikayla's, eyes. I hope you liked my entry!

AGMarket's Thoughts: Yay! A releaserain skirt. How fun. ;) Next time, put a piece of paper reflecting her face, so we can see her face more!
Priya''s Thoughts Pros: Colors matching between shirt and skirt. Cons: Angle of the photo, colors are overall sort of dull in the photo too


Entry from: Molly

Description:  My photo is of my A Life of Faith doll Elsie Dinsmore, who is 18 and 3/4 inches...I know you said 18 inches, so I hope this isn't a problem.  This skirt is probably her favorite (it's so hard to choose!) because it has a little apron, which makes it more practical, but the lace makes it more dressy.  It is gathered at the top, making it a very full skirt.  She likes that because she is my Civil War era girl. :)  I'm not sure where I got the skirt--I've had it forever. ;)  Elsie wanted the picture to be taken outside, but today was the first opportunity I had, and it's raining. :P  Anywho, thanks again SO much!

AGMarket's Thoughts: Wow! Yay for different dolls! Cute hair ;) Maybe kinda old fashion?
Priya''s Thoughts Pros: Position of the doll. Cons: Photo is a bit blurry


Entry From: Silence

Description: I chose this skirt because my mom made it out of an old shirt of mine and its one of my favorite doll skirts. I love the print and ruffles, even the colors! Their such neutral colors! 

AGMarket's Thoughts: Cute skirt ;) Love the story behind it! What does she wear with it? We can't tell!
Priya''s Thoughts Pro: Colors used in the photo Con: Angle of photo


Entry from: Heather
Description : -
AGMarket's Thoughts: Really dark photo..... Sparkly ;)


Entry by: Dollsondablog

Description: Kanani hasn't wore a skirt in a long time, so I kind of forced her to wear one :)
I chose this skirt because the stitches matches her shirt and because I couldn't find any other ones lol :)

AGMarket's Thoughts: Sideways. :(

From: London

DescriptionWith so many different skirt styles now a days it can be hard deciding on one single skirt. Julie loved the high waist while I (London) adored the high-low with a bit of country flare. We decided to use both on the runway. ~ London W. Baker""

Wow, everyone here had great photos! I am so impressed! :D 

But so sad. :( We have to eliminate someone. We decided on dollsondablog.We just felt that not enough inspiration went into this. BUT to thank you for entering!

Thanks dollsondablog <3

Congrats to the rest of you! Please remember for the next round only the people below can enter:

Jessie (#2)
Sparkle Studios
Jessie (#1)

We really felt like Jessie (#2 with the dogs) and Katie did a skirtabulous job! :)


The next theme is Fit and Flare! Skinny jeans, pants, shorts, ETC! Send in your picture by next SUNDAY. Anyone that does not send in their picture will be eliminated. :(

You girls are amazing! Keep rocking the camera!


  1. Aw, I was going to enter, but I didn't see the reminder in time. Nice photos everyone!

  2. These are all fantastic! Love each and every one!

  3. Good job everyone! These are really good! :)

  4. Sorry it was sideways :( it wasn't sideways when I took it....

  5. Whew. I made it to the next one. Everyone did a great job! I'm going to make a better picture for the next round. I noticed how bad that one was. I am using my moms REALLY expensive camera. :P

  6. I'm assuming I made it to the next round? I didn't see my name on the eliminated list or the passing list....

    ~London W. Baker

    1. Oh sorry :P Yes, you made it! We LOVE yourentry :)

    2. Awesome thanks so much!!!! :D I'm already planning my next entry so its not as slapped together as that one :P

      ~London W. Baker

  7. Awesome :) :) :) One question :D Could i use a different doll for the next one? Its not a problem to use belle for it again i was just curious :) :) :)

  8. London~ WOW!!! Sorry dolls on da blog:(

  9. Thank you so much! aww, I wish no one had to be eliminated... :/
    Quick question: when are the entries for the next round due?

    1. The next round entries are due Sunday :)

    2. Okay--thank you. So then the last day to send it in is Sunday, right?

  10. Snap! I was planning to enter because I couldn't last round:P

  11. Who are the judges for the next round?

    ~ London W. Baker

    1. Jessica S. and Sandra B. from 123Mulberry Street!! :D got your entry!!