Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Surfin Monkey Review with Saige - Easter Dress Shopping

Hello Girls! :)

I am SO behind on my posts, we have a lot of things coming up and just not enough days. :P

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Just like Tricia was saying "I like this would be a perfect dress for Easter" I totally agreed! YOU can have a chance to have this awesome dress in the end of March, for our BIG SPRING GIVEAWAY!

{For the Giveaway, we will also have a HUGE photo shoot with this dress, so stay tuned)

This is one of the prettiest dresses I have ever reviewed. The fabric is light, yet thick, perfect for a high quality dress!

The dress has a white base with green and orange flowers, and pink diamonds.  

Fun Fact: Tricia (from Surfin Monkey) edited the School Dress pattern from Melody Valerie to create this no sleeve spring dress!

The dress is lined, and a white zipper comes down the back for easy dressing!

It came with a headband, which is currently not being worn. Beautiful simple dress! PERFECT for Easter, Spring, Church, a party, or just a dressy day!

Everything came SO nicely wrapped up! IN tissue paper, with a business card, and also a THANK YOU note for the winner! :) 

I would shop with Tricia again! The item shipped fast, customer service was awesome, and the item has incredibly good quality taste!

1. Dress is well made!
2. Comes with a hair headband!
3. Ships fast!
4. She does custom orders!
5. Beautiful taste!

Nothing to add here! JUST PURE JOY! :-)

Thank you reading this review, and remember!

1. Check out here link HERE!

2. More photos and a giveaway will be in the end of MARCH.

Thank you Tricia! :)


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