Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Collection, where I stand.

Hello! :-)

Many times, people have asked me if I am a collector or a "player"... Well, I do have a doll house, and they are dressed everyday. But I refer to my self as a "collector.".

LONG story! :) So sit back and be prepared for this one.


Whenever I found a good deal, I bought it. Ballet outft ($10), to good to pass up! Brand new, lots of pieces, CHEAP!. What about Felicity's Summer dress? ($12, complete, good condition?). After awile, I had two packeges coming EVERYDAY. (*cough*) I still do.

I just kept getting "good deals". I still have quite a bit of doll money, $350 (with another $300 on the way). I buy and sell for a living (lol, I am a kid/teenager!). So, if I didn't like it, I sold it...

BUT the more and more I get things in the mail, the LESS they mean. The more dolls I get, the less they mean. The more money I get (or earn), the less it means.

Do you know what I mean?

Well, I sat down the other day, and told myself I HAD to resolve this! SO I DID. I made a paper of all the things I needed/wanted. If the item wasn't on the list, even if it was a good deal, I would put it to the side.

I am going to be completing Josephina, Addy, and Rebecca. As many of you know, I do not like purchasing modern items from AG, but sometimes I do. I put a limit of outfits, shoes, etc I can have for that collection. BUT I can have as much Etsy as I want. XD

That means, that some things need to go. They are all on Ebay right now, selling away. if I sell everything (I am pretty close!) I will get another $350 for my dolls that I LOVE.

I am selling:
Cecile (sadly I didn't bond with her)
Kirsten items
Felicity items
Samantha items
1/2 of my modern
and some books.

I am quite happy with my desicion! Are you with yours? ;)

Purchases coming soon:
Saige;s Dog (got for $15.00 brand new)
AND some Josephina items.

What are your plans for your collection?

Thanks for listening!



  1. So..where you going to be selling them???

    1. They are on eBay.
      Great post! I can totally relate.

      ~ Jess

    2. Yes, on Ebay, but most of them sold already. I will be doing a post about them here, so stay tuned for that. :)

      Thanks Jessica! :) I am glad I am not the only one.

  2. I REALLY Want Felicity items.... wheres a link?