Monday, March 11, 2013

Josephina goes apple picking! (Review!)


This amazing shirt that Josephina is wearing is from "The Beach Shack" also known as "Lost in the Jungle".

Syd has amazing shirts for both boys and girls! Your favorite brands on a shirt! Imagine that!

Here is a link to her Etsy shop:


Josephina loves food (you can tell from her Pinterest board!). Since Josephina is on a diet, she is eating mostly apples and different kinds of fruits everyday! Well *cough* when I saw this shirt, it HAD to go on Josephina! She didn't refuse either! :D

Here are some pictures!

Josephina looks tredny in this. :)

The pattern  is a fushia shirt with green, darker purple/pink and orange apples. :) Some have eyes! XD

This shirt looks great with the pants from the 2-1 Beach outfit (retired) and Pen-Pal Girl shoes!

The velcro does not go down all the way.

1. Fun shirt!
2. Reasonable t-shirts for all girls and boys!
3. Great service!:)
1. Velcro might have been all the way down....
Fact: THIS will be in our Spring giveaway!

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