Sunday, March 31, 2013

My American Girl's Story Spring Giveaway!

Wow, we seem to have just amazing sponsors who give us amazing giveaways. :D So, if you help contribute to the giveaways here on "My American Girl Story" than THANK YOU! :)

Spring is here! Celebrate with some amazing pieces for your dolls wardrobe!

First PRIZE!
From Josephina's closet to yours. This pink apple t-shirt is perfect for those breezy spring days!

This beautiful shirt is from "The Beach Shack, Lost in the Jungle".
A retail value of $8.00!

This beautiful dress that Saige is wearing is from "Surfin Monkey". Tricia made this dress, and I have to say, it is darling! Also included (because Saige is wearing it) are some Albuquerque NM stickers (for your Saige doll).
Third Prize!
AND: a brand new pair of sneakers from Releaserain!
Ways to enter the giveaway!
Comment what you like about "My American Girl Story". +1
Check out Releaserain's Etsy, and come back telling me your favorite item! +1
Check out The Surfin Monkey's Etsy, and come back telling me your favorite item! +1
Check out The Beach Shack's Etsy, and come back telling me your favorite item! +1
Follow this blog +1
Email your friends (include me in the email) +1
Blog about it +1 (include the link).
GIVEAWAY ENDS: Sunday, April 14th.
Thank you girls! :)


  1. I love that your blog is all about AG Dolls:)


  2. I love the:

    Cons Canvas Lace-Up Sneakers Boots Doll Shoes Grey with Black Vines for 18" American Girl dolls

    @Releaserain's Etsy!

    Thanks for the Giveaway:)

  3. Nothing is coming up on Surfin Monkey's Shop for me but I absolutely LOVE the dress Saige has on:)


  4. I love the:

    Pink Horse Tee for American Girl Dolls

    @The Beach Shack's Etsy!


  5. I follow your lovely blog:)


  6. Here's a link to my post:


  7. I love how awesome the blog author is! ;)

  8. I'd like to enter, please!

    First, I really love your new header! I also like how you do a lot of reviews, because it introduces me to a lot of new Etsys and stuff!

    My favorite item from Release Rain are the doll converse! They are so cute!!!

    The Surfin Monkey didn't have anything available, but the item above is very cute!

    I really like most of The Beach Shack items, because they're so unique and colorful!

    I already follow your blog, too!

    Thanks for hosting!

  9. I like how you do reviews on stuff on your blog!

  10. I follow this blog. I like the rainbow canvas boots from Releaserain. I like the Patriotic hello kitty tee shirt from The Beach Shack. I like all the items from the surfing Monkey! I e-mailed 5 friends, including you. I like how much passion you have for typing. I posted about this on my forum.

  11. I follow! I love your photography! I like the Pink Horse Tee from The Beach Shack, the dress your giving away from Surfing Monkey, and the Apple Green Polka Dot Shoes from Releaserain!

  12. I absolutely love the photos and the giveaways!

    I love the sneakers at Releaserain

    Absolutely love the motorcycle jacket at Surfing Monkey!!

    The blue polka dot tank is so cute at Beach Shack!

    I follow the blog!

  13. Awesome giveaway! I follow you and my favorite thing about your blog is that the author is you! :)

  14. I will enter! i couldn't find these etsy shops ekcept for surfinmonkey but it was empty i really like you blog its very cute and the pictures are very good and the backround is cute to! i really like all the prizes and would really like to enter and hopefully i can win one of the prizes.

    I just found this blog today and i want to follow it now!

    Love Hannah M

  15. I can't decide on a single thing but I really like your blog in general! I hope to win so I can have a nice birthday gift for my little sister.

  16. I love everything about everything! (Your blog to your sponsors) :)

  17. oH yeah and i found the two other etsy shops today and my favorite thing from thebeachshak is the plain green tee shirt and my fave thing from releasrain is the canvas lace up sneackers with purple flowers for dolls!

    and my name is not sabrina it is Hannah M i just had to use my mom's profile to comment so if i win you can say Hannah M not sabrina.

    Love Hannah M

  18. Can I blog about it every day?

  19. I love MY American Girls Story because of all the great posts! You use good grammar and spelling and I can tell you spend a lot of time on it. I LOVE the fashion posts and all the great Etsy shops you link up to! LOVE your blog!!