Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Katrina Rubin HAS ARRIVED!

That day. The day when the doll arrives. The DOLL of your dreams!

I have always liked #41, but now, that dream is a reality! She is BEAUTIFUL! I should have an opening video of her soon!

Here are some pictures. :)

Her hair is SO curly!

It was shorter than expected, but in a good way!

Her eyes are glossy and dark green.

Like her dress? Long story short, it is her bridemaids dress. Wait, WHAT? You'll learn about that LATER!
Thanks to the amazing lady who sold her to me for cheap. :)


  1. She's beautiful! And so is the dress! :)

  2. Shes so pretty! i love her hair and dress i love the red rose in her hair!

    Love Hannah M