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New American Girl Things, Interviews with our sponsors, and....

Hi! :)

Looks like American Girl is showing their love for your *cough* pocket books. :D They came out with a wide selection of items today!

This dress is CUTE, but not beautiful!

I think that the dress looks great in the model, but other than that, plaid is not my thing.

:( The colors are not my style! BUT I do LOVE the shorts!

Very cute. :) You could also use this on a boy doll. I think I am going to get this!

$100? That is the price of the doll?!? Crazy, but super cute!

You can also buy this:


Oh. My. This is horrible. :-/

AHH! I LOVE it! I prob. am going to get around 20! :) This is adorable!

Wow, this is great! Very reasonable!

Wow! Um, this is colorful!

I am happy with the historical wear. :) There is more things that are NEW! Go check them out!


Interviews with our sponsors! :)

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1. What are you inspired to make?
I'm inspired by many things , sometimes a particular fabric, sometimes I will see an outfit that I like. Usually the outfits just evolve as I am sewing them.

2. Do you feel like your company keeps growing?
Yes I feel my Company has grow substantially this year. My Etsy sales have doubled and my patterns sales have more than doubled.

3. What is your top seller?
My top sellers are most likely the skinny jean and slouch hat combinations

4. What is your favorite item you have ever made?
My favorite outfit ever is "Shopping on Fifth", a one of a kind that had a Chanel bag and an American Girl shopping bag as accessories

5. What started your business?
My business started with bags of scrape fabric from the childrens sewing class that I teach. At the end of ever year I would have a large bag of scrap fabric to get rid of, and so I thought I could put those small pieces to use for Doll clothes and I opened 123 Mulberry Street .


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1. What are you inspired to make?
My inspired to make is come from human fashion I like and ideas from customers. Crafts to create doll fashions like miniatures of life which bring me unlimited creativity with art. I am very happy to show my designed on dolls, so amazing. I love to listen from customers, they bring me a lot of wonderful ideas, so I can release their favorites. 

2. Do you feel like your company keeps growing? 
Yes, I feel my company keeps growing. Running a business is not easy, especially for the very high inflation and competitions, but I will never stop, I should try my best to bring customers a joyful life even I spend a lot. Customers bring me a lot of supports! I feel very sweet and touching when I read the positive feedbacks and supporting words from my customers, they encourage me to keep growing and create new things. Releaserain dolls will born on 2013, I am very exciting for my own doll creations, this is my dream, unique doll bodies and faces belong to Releaserain. 

3. What is your top seller? 
I don't have a specific top seller, that is different from time to time, but it can be said, doll shoes category is my best selling among my doll items

4. What is your favorite item you have ever made?
All the newest release is my favorite item^^

5. What started your business?
I started my doll business since 2005. At that year, I purchased my first ball jointed doll. That's so amazing, but when I found doll items in the market, there were only very few clothing and shoes I like for a few size of dolls. Then I decided to work by myself, and create more and more doll items for variety of dolls step by step. I realized I found my life, I can't stop my creativity for dolls. 

6. Anything else you would like to say?
I wish everyone happy and all the best. I will continue to work from heart, create more and more nice quality and unique items to bring all of you the greatest satisfaction. Thank you all your loves, you bring me loves to create! 


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1. What am I inspired to make? I am fascinated by history, and find it means more when I can "experience" it. When learning about different time periods, one of the first things to stand out is how people looked, especially, the clothes they wore. When I design, I research how each particular article of clothing was made, what materials were available, what sewing techniques were used, and the purpose behind the details. Studying this clothing helps me to better understand the people that wore them.

2. Do you feel like your company keeps growing? Thimbles and Acorns just celebrated its first anniversary in the pattern business. Since our first release, I have had the opportunity to work with two more designers and together we have put out a total of 19 patterns. We are continually getting new customers, and what is so exciting is that our customers come from all over the world.

3. What is your top seller? The Open Pelisse and Regency Dress has been my best seller overall.

4. What is your favorite item ever made? When it comes to details, it would have to be my "Civil War Uniform". I love the challenge of incorporating details, and then figuring out the best way to put it all together. However, when it comes to personal meaning, it would have to be my "Mary and Laura" dress. Laura Ingalls was my childhood hero. It was through her stories that a special bond between me and my grandparents was fostered. My grandfather bought the book series for me, and my grandmother taught me to sew by making doll's and clothing inspired by Laura's "Charlotte". Making this pattern was a labor of love for Laura and my Grandparents.

5. What started your business? After my children all reached school age, I started thinking about going back to work. My husband and I wanted something flexible so that we could keep our family first. I started making doll clothes to sell on Etsy until I could figure out what I wanted to do. Making clothes was pretty slow going for me, because I would get so hung up on details. When people started asking me about my patterns, I decided to try my hand at it and discovered my niche. 

6. Thimbles and Acorns is about more than patterns and dolls, it is about learning, connecting, and inspiring. Like most girls, I enjoyed playing with dolls as a child, but more than that, I enjoyed the time I shared collecting them with my mother and sewing for them with my grandmother. I developed lifelong skills that spilled over into other interests until they came full circle. It is my hope that these patterns will help other girls enjoy some of the same experiences that I did.


So, do you like the New AG stuff? Where the interviews interesting? What are YOU doing for Valentines?

Thank you to Ada, Sandra, and Shari! :)

Happy Valentines DAY TO ALL OF YOU! You are dream followers!

Have a love-ly day!


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  1. Wow, AG is really going all out this year! :D I loved the interviews!