Thursday, February 21, 2013

100 Followers, AND where to buy/sell American Girl dolls!

Bonjour my friends!

Thank you for viewing my blog! :) It is such an honor to have 100 followers, It is almost like I took a new gasp of air! I have TONS of ideas and giveaways headed your way!

Lets get started!


Where to buy and sell American Girl doll, items, and clothing!

Bonanza {Website}

~ A newer website, with expensive American Girl items. BUT keep a look out! I saw a good condition Ruthie for $40.00, AND Kirstens bed and side table for $70.00. Look for the deals~

Ebay {Website}

~ TONS of listings are uploaded everyday, so make sure you have a few minutes to look for the deal! I find a lot of things on Ebay. SALES are slow in Jan-March, and also in the Summer, when you find a deal, GRAB IT! I noticed you can go better with Ebay for lots! ~

Shop {Website}

~Just noticed that Goodwill has an online place! You can go there to grab more retired dolls.. I have seen a lot of Felicity, Samantha, and Kirsten dolls. Not to mention GOTY and Addy dolls! But more expensive~

{Break, I guess you know all of my secrets :D}

Thrift Shopping:
Amazing prices for amazing items! Sometimes I leave empty handed, but other times a doll comes home with us!

Craiglist: {Website}
Be careful! A lot of scammers are on Craigslist, BUT I have bought many lots for CHEAP!

Do you know of any other place to shop? Let us know in the comments below!


Have a great day!


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