Wednesday, January 16, 2013

75 Question all about AG Tag! :-)

Here is a super fun quiz that I made! Tag it to me when you do it! :D
1.    Favorite doll.
Rebecca and Voilet, though Evangeline is a next one!
2.    Least favorite doll.
Kaya is :(, sorry Kaya fans! :) Molly is a little iffy too, but she doesn look better without her glasses.
3.    Next three dolls on your wishlist.
Evangeline Margret Rose Rubin {#55), Saige CopeLand and Autumn {who is a JLY, forgot who!}
4.    Favorite AG outfit
Tennis outfit! It is SO cute and very good quality.
5.    Favorite pair of doll shoes.
Hmm, I like my Gladiater sandals from Trendy Dolls.
6.     Do you think AG has good quality?
Somewhat. But not for the price-point.
7.    Do you shop at any other 18 inch stores?
I like Etsy, My dolls Life, Pen-Pal girls, really wherever has cute clothing! :)
8.    Have you found any AG doll at Goodwill?
*cough* yes!! Paige {Chrissa}, Voilet {MAG} Grace {renamed Molly}, and Victoria, who is another MAG!
9.    Savers?
Just an American Girl doll horse... Kayas I believe.
10.              Thrift shopping?
Look above!!
11.              Antique store?
Felicity brand new for $75.00
12.              Flea Market?
Not much. :(
13.              On sale?
Some Cyber Monday stuff.
14.              EBAY?
Addy, and a lot of clothing! I am an Ebay-o-holic!
15.              Craigslist?
Yes, a lot of lots!
16.              From a friend?
Yes, I got Charlotte from a good friend. :)
17.              Best AG Christmas gift ever?
Rebecca on Christmas 2010, and $260
18.              Why do you like American girl?
Because they are adorable and SO "special"
19.              How many dolls do you have?
Nine! Rebecca, Voilet, Josephina, Gwen, Victoria, Paige, Addy, and Charlotte!
20.              Do you LOVE AG? Or do you LIKE AG? I think about it WAY to much. It is SO consumming! :(
21.              Best Ebay auction you have ever bought {for dolls}. I would have to say Addy, I mean I got her for $48.00 including shipping in great condition! And a dress for $0.98.

22.              Do you have a lot of  doll things on your Craigslist? Or a little? Well, my town is a little, but three hours North we have a lot!! :)

23.              Favorite doll piece of furniture?
I LOVE the stuff I found for Josephina at Goodwill!

24.              Favorite historical?
Addy, Coloinial, or Rebecca!

25.              Favorite MAG?
Hmm.... #55

26.              American Girl most uniqueness factor?  They have Girl of the Year Dolls!

27.              Do you shop on Etsy?

28.              Do your dolls have pierced ears?
I have Rebecca ears pierced from AG, and three others pierced by me {they turn out GREAT!}

29.              Do you LOVE Springfield?
I like Springfield. :) Some of their otufits are so cute!

30.              Thoughts on Springfield.
Very good quality and cheap!

31.              Have you ever shopped at DreamWorld Collections, Pen-Pal Girls, My Dolls Life, etc? Yes. :-)

32.              Do you sew for dolls?
My mom does, but I have no talent for that! :)

33.              Easiest craft for dolls?
Hmm, baked Potatoes, they are just aluminum foil wrapped up!

34.              Do you have a doll house?
No kidding, a BIG one! With 15 rooms!

35.              Where do you get the furniture?
Goodwill, AG, antique stores!

36.              Are you a crafty person?
He he *cough* its not my natural talent. :)

37.              Ever been in a craft trade?
Yes, with my good friends Rose and Priya!!

38.              Have a Youtube?
Yes, but it is SO small! Comment if you want the link. :)

39.              If so, what do you post on it?
Reviews, and opening videos.

40.              Any other social media accounts?
Pinterest {agmarket or unique angelique}, or Instagram (@agmarket)

41.              Do your friends have AG dolls? Most of them!

42.              What would you do If you saw an AG doll hiding in the stuffed animal section of Goodwill? Walk slowly over, or SCREAM???? I walk over, and then SNAG the doll. :) Once I have it, NO-ONE is taking it from me. :)

43.              Do you like extras for your dolls? {ribbons, watches, etc} I LOVE ribbons, pink ones, blue ones, grey ones, etc!!

44.              Have you ever done a review? :) Uh, yes. :D

45.              Won a giveaway, {please be specific!} I won a $25 giftcard to Trendy Dolls and a samantha set.

46.              Bought anything from an AG store? Yes, around $300 worth in 2 years.

47.              I f so, which one? Denver and LA!

48.              Do you have a creative tee? No. :(

49.              Ever had a personal shopper? No, whats it like :P

50.              What outfit is on your newest doll? A Dreamworld collections dress.

51.              Last time you dressed your dolls? Yesterday!!

52.              Have any doll pets? Yes a ton! Samanthas dog, coconut, and some other ones, liek Kirsten and Rebeccas kittens!

53.              Your thoughts on AG pets? WAy to expensive. Guess what? I have never bought a pet direct form AG!

54.              Do you have an Innerstar U? Nope! Don't want one either!

55.              Name your favorite five blogs! Whispers of the wind, The Spiceys, the doll Wardrobe, Six Faraway friends, and Never Grow Up!

56.              What do you not like in a blog?
Hmm, to bright of a design.

57.              Favorite blog design, EVER? I LOVE The Doll Wardobes design..

58.              Have any My Generation stuff in your collection? A couple.

59.              What about Madam Alexander? Yes, and I just ordered a lot of it!!

60.              Do you have another 18 inch doll brand type doll? Yes, a Gotz doll!

61.              Favorite picture you have ever taken!! The one with the green boots slanted. :P

62.              Your thoughts on American Girl? Hmm......

63.              What would you do differently if you owned AG? I would fire all of the barbie creaters.... :) Sorry, but lets stop with everything being so pink!

64.              What is the max on dolls for you? 15, but we'll see! :D

65.              Are you a collector, or??
A collector. :)

66.              Do you know a collector? Nope! :(

67.              Do {or did} any AG events? Yes, an AG auction every three months! the next one is next week!

68.              Have you been awarded an award? No. :(

69.              How about a Doll Diaries Spotlight sight? No. :(

70.              Favorite Youtube channel?

71.              What do you like to watch the most? Opening videos, it is SO addicting! :P

72.              Favorite AG movie? kits!

73.              Least favorite? Umm, Chrissas!

74.              Best blogger friends! Jess!

75.              Was this fun for you? YES, YES, AND YES!!
Comment if you are doing it!
Have a great day!