Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My American Girl's Story BIGGEST GIVEAWAY yet!

Hi my lovely followers! :)

I can't believe we reached the 71 follower mark. This means SO much to me! This was supposed to be out the first day of December. But we had some complications. :-) This giveaway will last until New Years when I draw the names out of the hat.

Thank you for a wonderful year doing this! This is my small gift to y'all! :)

Lets begin!


First place!

Winter is coming, and so is the snow! Rebecca is excited to show you this fun outfit for winter activities! 

DreamWorld Collections show-box-full-of-goodies! :)

What your getting:
DreamWorld Collections purple ice-skating outfit, hair extra, AG craft book for you and your doll, and "my life as a _______" White ice-skates. And folders!

Thanks to beast'sbelle for this photo!

and of course all of the extras. The Dreamworld collections ice-skates will NOT be included. The outfit is brand new and onyl used for the amazing review, which you can view here:

Whats it worth?

Around $35.00!

I thank Dreamworld collections for letting us have this giveaway, this is such a special treat!

Second place!

Review of Kelleys Kreations website:

Kelleys Kreations!

I have already been  buying things for my dolls springs wardrobe, and this will be a great addition to yours! A flower dress ready for the spring time cherry trees!

What you get:
A dress, purse, and business card!

What is it worth:

Thank you Kelleys Kreations for this dress!


Third Place!

I don't know about you, But I think a new pair of PJs will bright up my dolls! Everyone needs to sleep VERY cozy on cold winter nights! And you can do that with a new pair of PJs from Songs of Hope!

What your getting:
A pair of blue PJs! A top and pair of pants. (slippers and headband not included)

  You can check out the review here:

Whats it worth?
Around $15.00!

Thank you to "Songs of Hope" for this amazing giveaway! :)


And there will be 5 extra winners, who will recieve a letter from me and my dolls, AND AG stockers, and a little extra gift for you! :) You will also be interviewed, and may do a fashion guest post on my blog.

How to enter!

*Comment below saying what you love about "My American Girl Story"! 1 point

* Be a follower of "My American Girl Story" 2 points

* Blog about it on your blog! 3 points

* Go to one of the shops, Kelleys Kreations,, or DreamWorld Collections, and comment below your favorite item in them! 5 points

* Be an Instragram follower! 2 points

* Follow me on Pinterest 2 points

Giveaway ends Jan. 1st, 2013!


Have fun! Happy Holidays!


  1. I love all your interesting posts!

  2. I love your blog because there are really interesting posts!

  3. I want to win
    Amy Lane
    thanks for the chance to win

  4. I love the giveaways, and the opportunity that you give to smaller shops in having their items reviewed!

    From SongofHope's etsy shop, I love their beanbag chairs and backpacks becasue they are unique to the market!

    From Kelley's Kreations I love all of the unique fabrics she uses, and the cozy PJ's!

    From Dream World Collections, I love the Kate Middleton wedding dress, and all of their amazing skating/dance/ballet desings!

    I follow your blog, and I tried to find you on pinterest... :)

    Best of luck to all who entered!

  5. I follow, love your blog because of the fashion, uniqueness, and AG, and favorite items from the shops are Simply Beautiful, blue peasant blouse and pin stripe skirt set, and cute cami top with leggings! :)

  6. I follow your blog because I love AG, and this blog is awesome! You are so dedicated, and your photography is awesome!

  7. Follow you on Instagram (sugarbeet6)!

  8. I love the Ladybug Dress from Dreamworld Collections!

  9. I just found your blog, so I am new here. I like that you are reviewing the AG doll outfits and rooms so that others can get a feel of how nice they are.

    I am now following your blog.

    On Song of Hope, I really like her flannel PJ's with the baseball style sleeves. Really cute idea. The Motorcycle jacket is very nice as well.

    I do not see a link to your pinterest page, or I would follow you there.

  10. I am a follower of ur blog, a follower on Instagram, would blog about this on my blog only it had been disabled, :( and I love ur blog because it is all about AG Dolls! <3

  11. Blogged about it!

  12. My favorite items:

  13. My favorite thing about My American Girl's Story is your reviews and giveaways! :)

  14. I love ur fashion and pictures.
    I follow ur blog.
    I love the Super Cute Cami Top with Black Stretch Leggigs from SongOfHope.

  15. i love see the cute Ag clothes
    i follow
    i posted about the giveaway here,
    i like the dream word soccer girl outfit
    yay that's 11 points!

  16. I love the your design and the way you write your blog posts, you make everything cool!
    I follow!
    I posted about it here:
    I like this:

  17. I love your blog because you are such a great blogger and friend, you post amazing things, your dolls are beautiful, and I love all the Etsy shops and doll clothing shops you tell us about!

    I follow your blog!

    I talked about it on my blog -

    My favorite item from Kelleys Kreations is the floral leggings/jeans.

    My favorite item from Song of Hope is probably the duffle bag.

    My favorite item from Dream World is definitely the wedding dresses!

    I'm an Instagram follower!

    I'm a Pinterest follower!

    :) also you posted this at 11:11 haha make a wish!

  18. Hi My name is Kelley! I love your beautiful ag dolls and your great posts!

  19. My favorite item from Kelley's Kreations is the american girl jacket in hot pink zebra fleece! My favorite item from Dream World Collections is the sugar plum outfit! My favorite item from the Song Of Hope etsy shop is the garden party blouse and skirt!

  20. Awesome giveaway! I follow!

  21. Uh oh, how do I pick out one thing that I like about My American Girl's Story! :) I guess I like that you post regularly and that there's a variety of different posts. And, of course, giveaways. ;)
    ~Molly :)

  22. I love that you have American Girl Dolls and that you are willing to post about them!


  23. I follow.:) (one of the best blogs)

  24. Blogged About it here:


  25. I love this over @ Kelley's Kreations:

    Formal pink and black dot skirt and top set for American Girl Dolls



  26. I also like:

    Super Cute Cami Top with Black Stretch Leggings

    @Song of Hope.

    Thanks for the chance to win!