Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Link Love, a Goodwill shopping spree, and Hunger Games STYLE!

Hi again! :-)

To keep in touch with all of the blogs here is a way to share the great posts (inspired by the Spicey's)

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Making Marie Grace hair straight!
The perfect doll PANDA hat!
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ANOTHER HUGE GOODWILL shopping spree! :) I needed some things for my historical houses (for the dolls).

I got this  cake holder at Goodwill for $1.99. We are going to spray paint it silver and put it in Felicity's Parlor.

New desk! I am going to paint it brown and put it in Addy's room.

Josephina is Catholic, right? This is the perfect frame for her room. $0.99

ADORABLE! It was $6.99

The room all together! :-)


I know MANY of you are Hunger Games fans. I do like the books and watch the movie. :) I love the fashion in the movie. Here are some HUNGER GAMES type fashion.


Depression Era Hunger Games Katniss 18 inch American Girl Doll Dress
Cute, right? :)

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