Monday, December 31, 2012

A lot of updates, last day of 2012, AND (Mustard Seed) extras! :)

Hello Doll Lovers!

I am so blessed to have you doll lovers on this blog. Having this blog has made me crazy over dolls and happy to be able to share my passion! I loved viewing all of the great blogs out there! I fell in love with different doll brands, and was even more inspired to blog when I saw the amount of new bloggers. Blogger has lost a lot of bloggers, including Del, and many others who left their blog because of bullys. :( I hope this will be solved and I will never have to leave! :D

I hope that this blog has taught you everything you need to know. The surveys help (+ they are fun!) me decide my next posts. I hope my reviews were to your standards and were helpful in making some new purchases at an Etsy shop! The picture quality has gone lower (my camera is still broken) so we will have to do without, I think that with a little bit of light my moms phone can still capture the moment. :D For good edited photos please follow me on Instagram (@agmarket). I DO have a kik, but I don't feel like having a million people text me, so that info will have to wait. ;)

2013 will be amazing! I have plans for new dolls, and their storys. (Which of course I will share with you!). The blog posts will have even more review detail, and I am going to try to review ALL of my dolls in the next couple of months.

{A lot of you have been asking if I stay up till midnight on New Years Eve, I did once. But now I just stay up till 10:00 PM and say it is NY time! XD}


Here are all of the people who commented on my last post. Shout out to their sites!

Great blogs, ready for more followers! :D


This is sadly our last month with Doll Dress Pattern, we had an AMAZING giveaway and had lots of other fun! Thank you Ann for a great three months.

NEW Morgan Doll Dress - PDF Pattern - Doll Size 18 inch   and Anya Doll Dress - PDF Pattern - Doll Size 18 inch are my favorites!

What are yours? Link:


Other Etsy updates! :)

Thimbles and Acorns is going to go ahead and be selling two dresses from the Laura and Mary Pattern on Jan. 4th!

These two dresses will be selling! The profit will go to the Newtown, CT fund. :) That is so sweet of Shari! Limited time! :D Grab these adorable dresses!



VERY important! {So please don't skip accross}

As I told you before, my mom and I made a collection to share with Etsy tomorrow! It will be out tomorrow.  Our motto is "Urban, Chic, and unique!". We will have leggings, skirts, t-shirts, lace things (lol) and lots of items! On Monday (Next Monday) we will have denim skinny jeans and a new shirt. Make sure you check out "Downtown Dolls" The Mustard Seed Collection tomorrow!



The giveaway ended today, the winners will be up tomorrow, so watch for that! One of you one TWO prizes... {Theres something to look forward too!}


Now, here are all of the reviews we have done, again, more to come in 2013!

{Don't have a banner for this shop}

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Thank you to our AMAZING sponsers! :D Wishing you the best.


Ok, I'll see you next year! :D Have fun peeking at Saige! :)

AGMarket :D


  1. Thanks so much!!! I actually have good news, Del is back! She decided to stay!!! :D

  2. Have you heard about the new doll of the year? Her name is Saige.... She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!


  3. Hi! I just took the survey.
    Happy New Year !!!