Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Things I got for Christmas 2012!

Hello! :)

 I wanted to make a video about this, but lets just say I dind't get to that right away {I still might, so hold tight!}.

Lots of new blogs out there. :-) I will do a big shout out tomorrow or the day after, so comment your blog links and I will shout them out!

This Christmas was SO merry! On Sunday I had Christmas with my parents and siblings {a small sentimental party}. I gave my mom a scarf from Etsy {From Turkey}. I gave my dad a blue silk shirt (auctully from Goodwill).


First things first:

My three best friends, Krista, Jessica, and Erica are amazing! I lived next to them when I was younger and even though I moved away we have bonded even closer together! We take joy in seeing each other once a year and look forward to being together again soon. I think of the girls as family. :D Missing you girls! {Don't cry AGMarket! }

Krista, gave me a doll! (Ok, so you all know this, it was an early christmas present).

She is my civil war doll. :)

A more "MODERN" picture of her! :)

I am blessed to have her, she looks just like my friend {Krista} so, thats nice too! :D


Jessica, her sister gave me:

(Picture not uploading! I will show you tomorrow! :) )

This AMAZING stationeery set! I LOVE it! :) It is so pretty I only wrote one letter so far. AND she gave me $10, I am going to use it to buy Addy something to wear {She is quite scarce}.


Erica (the thrid sister) gave me a such a pretty barret! :)

These are totally my colors!

Thank you girls! :)


I GOT ADDY!!! She is SO pretty! :) AND of course she gos perfectly with Charlotte Caroline Smith. LOVE her! Here are some pics.

The box! {Oh, you all know the feeling!} She auctully arrived a day late, so I was READY! :D

This dress suits her dark skin.

She was descibed as a good condition doll, she arrived with some small clothing {Not the dress above,, or her meet dress} and we washed her hair and she turned our PERFECT! A brand new doll for less than $50.00.

Thank you MOM and DAD for her! :) {Tired of me saying THANK YOU?} :)

Introducing Addy Beatrice Walker! :D


My younger sister gave me a small nutcracker for Rebecca. So sweet! ;)


I gave Doll Partys to my siblings.

AND Lanies Laptop (full set).
AND Kits Coat. :)

EEK! I got a Samson Galexy, it has imovie, family fued, and so many helpful things1 :) I got it from someone I didn't even know, they were just some French people who came to my grandpas party)... :) He he, come back anytime!! :D

Some tiny teapots for Felicity. They are antique.

I got Josephinas riding boots! :)
This ADORABLE cherry pie for Addy that my siblings made for me. :}

This cute sweater that is actully AG.
OH MY GOODNESS. :) That was a lot of writing! SO, here is a complete list:
Stuffed Tortillas (for dolls)
Cherry pie (for Addy)
Bath Set
Addys Bed
2 horse Webkinz
A beautiful notepad
LOTS of chocolate!
A cute barret
A handmade mug
Tons of sweets {A tad bit to much! LOL}
Dizinoes (Game board)
2 teapots
Zuhily Doll Outfit (adorable!)
2 hats
scarf (polka dot!)
portable brush
And from my amazing secret santa cousin, fuzzy socks and soap!
And lots of other nick naks! :-D
SO exciting right?
What did you get for Christmas?
Hope you comment! XD
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