Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Save up for an American Girl doll - and how to find a cheaper one!

Hi! :)

I thought this would be an interesting post for most. All of us struggle with the same thing (unless you are spoiled, rich, etc, :D) - We can't seem to save up for a doll fast ennough! (or we run out of ideas!).

I have seven dolls now, (oops, I guess I havn't told you about Charlotte, you'll see! :) )

It took me awile to save up for that many. And some of these ideas helped me and might help you, SO lets get started! (lol, me and my rambling!) XD

(oh, Kate I sent your packedge today, hope you get it soon!)


How much is a doll?
Well, it might be easier to save up for a doll like MyGen or MA. Those are $25-$40 depending on the doll. BUT we are looking at AG dolls, and those are $105. If you are getting her from the website, tax and shipping with add another $30, making the grand total to $135.00 +. BUT if you are going to the AG store (lucky you!) than you could get the doll for $120.00.

How do you make money?
Right now I have ennough money to buy 4 dolls. BUT I end up saving my money and try to find cheaper ones. Jobs that you can do are: raking the leaves (perfect for this time of year!), cleaning, taking care of pets, etc. Some make money (and save it) from their allowence, I don't get that. I clean the house everyday, for $7.50 a week (our house is 2600 sf). A lot of work for a meduim amount of money, so it takes me about six months to be able to buy a doll, IF I don't spend it on nail polish, scarves, etc - which (bye the way) is VERY tempting for a girl like me! :D I have a budget planner with 'word' the thing you get with the computer, SUPER helpful! Also think about putting adds on your blog, (though I havn't gotten that desperete yet, I mean once you do that the whole 'doll' theme is sorta broken). Selling things is important as well! I just sold a BUNCH of dolls things on Ebay (which I never used).

Which one?
I have around 26 dolls I like, so it is hard for me to lower it down to the ONE. Which ones SPEAKS to you? What hair is easier?

You just have to remember to SAVE. That is all it is. A bottle of nail polish might only be $3.00, but that $3 is only $102 away from an AMERICAN GIRL doll! :) (I am literly telling myself that! lol)


Did you know? - There are other places to buy other than AG?
Alright, so you knew that! :) But lets go in depth a little bit about that.

Ask relitives first! Almost all of the teenages around me, have memories with American girl, most gave them away alreayd but that is how we found Gwen, we asked, and there she arrived at our dorrstep with clothes and everything! :)

Look on Craigslist: Now I have found MANY lots on Craigslist for CHEAP! I never have found a doll, but way to many clothes and extras have found a way home with me. :-)

Antique Stores: Weird right? Well, not really. Antique stores sell anything collectable and old. American Girl are those things! I found Felicity at one, and many other things! (Antique stores tend to be a tad bit over priced but not as much as AG).

Goodwill/Thrift shopping: We have found three dolls there (2 are mine. Now, they don't have dolls all the time, but sometimes you are lucky! So, don't gie up if you go there and see nothing. Go again and be open minded to the result.

Friends: I got Charlotte (picture attached) from my friend (Krista- miss you already!) who lives in CA. She is an early Christmas present. :)

Ugh, sorry the lighting is pretty bad! ;)

Hoepfully this was helpful! If you have any extra tips, please let me know - I am sure all of use would like to hear it!


First person to comment, will be intereviewed by me! ;)


  1. Great tips! :) I need to save up my money. I almost forgot you named her Charlotte. ;D

  2. This tips will be really useful for me :) Charlotte is such a nice name and she is a cute doll! Wish I was the first one to comment as I love getting interviewed and I haven't been in ages :p


  3. Hello Girls! Thank you! :) You are both getting intervied!

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