Sunday, October 21, 2012

Voilet as an Indian maid! :D

Hi! Ok, the title is exactly what the post is about! ;)

I am changing all of my dolls. SURPRISE! :D My dolls are becoming historical and made into a character from a country with a story and all.

Voilet is my Indian doll, from India.

Hope you like her! :D

ADORE her new look! XD
Anyone know of some dresses I can get her? patterns? Thank you!


  1. Cool! Liberty Jane Patterns has an Indian sari pattern that you could use. From what part of history is Violet going to be from?


  3. priya: Awesome! I think I would purchase it, it will look great on her! I don't know. Maybe the early 1900s? She could be coming to the US for the first time.... :/ What do you think?

    madisiononddisney: Thank you! :D

    Emma: Thank you!! :D