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Review: British Belles! : Caroline Style Spring Dress


My first review is here! :D I am super excited and at first expected this outfit to take me up to two weeks to review, but I worked super hard, and here it is now!

A complete review of an outfit British Belle sent me. (and an amazing photoshoot with Felicity!)

American Girl does not create a relationship with their customers. British Belles did! I am now great friends with Liisa's daughter, and can't wait to hear more about their shop! Wonderful service!

Liisa, from British Belles, made this outfit on the weekend, and the outfit came out super great quality! I totally would buy from her again, and a couple of her outfits are on my Christmas list! ;)

Here is how British Belles Started:

I'm just a British lass living the American dream with my Wyoming guy! When our youngest Miss M came along she introduced me to a world of all things pink, I learned to sew as a teen, but suddenly with a lil girl around there was a whole lot more I could make. She received her first American Girl doll from her Grandmother, and that, as they say, is history! We discovered our love of American Girl together (no we don't have AG in Britain) and a girl can never have too many clothes. Miss M is my design team, inspiration and final say.....I hope you enjoy our little shop : )

Lissa sent out the dress on Tuesday, and it arrived THURSDAY. Wow! Now that's what  I call fast service, now let's get on with pictures! :D


Here is the shoe part! She actually made the shoes. I love them!

The shoes are made of a faux leather vinyl material. They are pretty durable and for this outfit they are colored white. Inside there is a more "comfy" fabric (the dolls had a say in that). :) Maybe like felt? On the shoe, she added some lovely "girly" detail. A white sheer bow and a flower in the middle. To me, it sounds just like Caroline!

The shoes have a little extra fabric piece in the back, so that the shoe is easy to put on and off.


Now to the bloomers. I love them! Sometimes the simplest things can make the outfit feel complete.

These white pantaloons are made of thin cotton and Liisa added some lace for detail.
Now onto the beautiful dress....

I love the dress! British Belles created this outfit for Carolines time era! Felicity also looks great in it. It matches her nicely. I had to add a flower to make it even more like spring and girly girl! :D

 The dress is VERY nicely made. The dress is made of a thin cotton material. The dress had a 1" pink ribbon sash. I have attached a picture of the fabric. The sleeves are big and very elegant. The trim is zig-zaged, which adds definition. I think Rebecca, Victoria, Kit, you name it! - would look great in it!

The fabric is a white cotton with pink flowers (roses and daisies?) and green leaves ALL over! This is a super springy dress!


 I put all the photos in a "collage" this time.

 The ribbon is VERY bright and goes with the flowers VERY nicely!


I then decided to do a photoshoot, because Felicity was looking too stunning not to!

My favorite tea is mint with ginger. Felicity's is Earl Grey!

The grass was very nice and smooth! (but the lighting wasn't!)
Felicity decided to play with her Noahs Ark.


Now here is the review:

1. The dress looks lovely not just on Caroline but Felicity as well.
2. The outfit is very well made.
3. It is a complete outfit, including the dress, shoes, and pantaloons.
4. The customer service was OUTSTANDING!
5. This dress is a bang for your buck!
6. The shipping was really fast!

Quality: 9 out of 10
Durablity: 8 out of 10
Value: (for $20) 7 out of 10
Service: 10 STAR



Thank you very much British Belles for hosting this review! It is an honor for me to be able to have one of your items. A big "Thank you" from the dolls!

Here is the link to her Etsy shop!

Liisa has not yet had a sale at her Etsy shop. Let's show her some doll love! Check out her lovely shop, and comment with your favorite outfit from her shop!


I hope you enjoyed this review today! I loved doing it, and can't stop admiring the craftsmanship of the wonderful pink dress!

Have a good night!



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