Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Doll Housing items and an awesome table set!

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Super excited today because I organized all of these reviews/Giveaways and we have so many! They will be done spaced out so you will get some awesome posts all the time!

On too what I had planned today. (To Priya: I am so sorry about the craft packedge! I need to get it up).


First you'll need a doll house. My siblings and I share a doll house. It has a living room, dining room, kitchen, and four bedrooms. We spent $90.00 on lumber and it looks great!

BUT, it took us awile to figure out HOW to make it. With this plan, it will be super easy! (or at least easier!)

American Girl Doll or 18 inch doll House Plans

Here is is! (sign). It is so amazing! I love the hardwood floor and the way it is. We had our dollhouse like this before. But we could never reach the way top so we changed to a sorta Frank Loyd Wright house, LOL!

Here is the desciption:

American Girl Doll or 18 inch doll House PlansAmerican Girl Doll or 18 inch doll House PlansAmerican Girl Doll or 18 inch doll House PlansAmerican Girl Doll or 18 inch doll House PlansAmerican Girl Doll or 18 inch doll House Plans
This listing is for a pdf file American Girl Doll or 18 inch doll House plans. My husband and I spent hours designing these plans. Our girls have spent hours enjoying this house and they love that dad and mom made it especially for them. Now you can build your own with our detailed plans and expertise!

Finished dollhouse measures 6 feet 8 inches tall, 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

Tools needed:
Hand Saw or Table Saw
Miter Saw (Trim)
Jig saw (cutting out doors and windows)
Steel Square
Tape Measure
Finish Nailer & Compressor
Brad Nailer & Compressor
Utility Knife (to cut vinyl flooring)

Expect to spend 30 to 40 hours depending on your skill level. You will need to have the tools and some experience using those tools. The Dollhouse can be built from $250 to $500 depending on lumber prices in your area and optional trim selected. The doll house pictured was constructed in place using MDF and finish nails and was not intended to be moved out of the room. The doll house
is very large and will not be easy to move. If you want to be able to move the doll house from one room to another or to another home, most wood veneers would be lighter and stronger than MDF. You may also want to use screws to attach pieces instead of nails. You will also need to check clearances with doorways, stairs etc. to make sure it could be moved after being built. Since we do not control the quantity of fasteners used in construction, we take no responsibility for the structural integrity of the doll house. Build and use at your own risk.

Also included is a resource guide that describes where you can buy all the furniture and accessories in the dollhouse.

Listing is for pdf files only - not actual dollhouse. We will email you the pdf file within 24 hours of receiving payment.
We will also provided email support for questions when building the dollhouse.
Sounds amazing! (and so easy!)
Here is the link:
Shout out to Addie and her wondeful sight!
If that is not exaclty what you are looking for, here is a fmaily run companey that makes foldable doll rooms (we will have a review of these rooms soon!).
I think they are aweomse! (LOVE the blue and pink one, but wait, the YELLOW is so bright and fun!)
On my sidebar there is there banner. Press on it and press "gallery" and then view their amazing items!
I am having a change to review something simalar to this,
Tea Party Table Set  for 18" Dolls- White
And for $35.00 this table is a STEAL!
Hope you liked todays post! It was fun to make! :D
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  1. That's so cool!! I don't have much room to make a dollhouse, but maybe I could use an American Doll Room.
    Oh, that's okay AGMarket. I still have to put up your craft package video!
    I could make you a signature if you want! :)
    I like My American Girl's Story! But you could use a new name if you want.

  2. Those are so cool! :) And I think you should keep My American Girl Story. I like it.

    ~ Jessica :)