Thursday, September 13, 2012

Posters, Posters, and yes, more Posters! :)

Ola amigos! :) (TRYING to learn some spanish!)

I thought we would do a different kind of post, and look at AG posters, or auctul pictures of the persons dolls, but they SELL them, and sign them , or something like that! :) Lets see what kind of posters I could find on Etsy (from AG tubers)....

These are already sold, but here is an idea...

Search & Destroy: Autographed Poster

These are from GOTY studios.

Music in Me: Autographed Poster

Adorable or what?

Ok, one last one.

The Ballerina Project: Autographed Poster

So, my question is.... would you buy one from me? From a photo here you like? And for how much? Just trying to get an idea! :) Merci!

Good bye for now! :D


Guess what?

Got Priyas craft packedge!! :D
and this is my 150 post! :O

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  1. That's cool! I really like those.
    I am learning Spanish too! :)