Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heart for Hearts Girl Photoshoot! :)

Hello! :)

I have decided to not get Sonali and Chrissa, because I am going to the AG store in October, I would like to treat myslef then, and now now. :) Thanks for udnerstanding!

Ok, So my siblings Hearts for Heart Doll, Emma, decided that she would look gourgous in her meet outfit, and lovely in front of you viewers! :) I hope you enjoy.

Totally cute! :) Emma is adorable! She looks much better without her hat that she comes with.

have a nice night! :)


  1. It's hard to wait until going to the AG store isn't it? I've had to do that quite a lot, but once you are there, it is SO worth it! Have fun! xoxo

  2. Great pics... I got Dell at the thrift shop for $5 and she didn't have her hat... and I was glad cuz I didn't like it anyways.

  3. The Spiceys: Thanks for the comment! :) I love the AG store, and I can't wait to treat myself. LOVE your blog! XD

    Asmita: Thanks! :) I think Emma is photogenic!

    Kath: Oh, wow! That is great! Great find! :) I think her true spirit comes out without her hat and stuff. Have a nice afternoon!

    Thanks for commenting girls!