Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meet Molly (renamed Grace!)

Hi! :)

Yes, I know, finally I post this! LOL


You all know that I got Voilet at Goodwill for $4. While we were there, we saw ANOTHER AG doll (or auctully Pleasant Comany) and she was Molly! We renamed her Grace. :) She is adorable!

I claimed Voilet (she was the newer one) and my sibling claimed Grace.

Grace was a TLC doll.Matted hair, looser limbs, dirty face, etc!

We fixed her up in a juffy!

* Her hair is medium
* Her limbs are meduim
* We scrubbed her with a magic earaser, she is perfect now!

She is lovely, and WAY better without those horrid glasses and brades (no offense).


Some pics! :D

Darn it! :( The pictures are blurry and sideways! D: Well, better luck next time!

See you tomorrow! :D


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