Monday, September 24, 2012

Link Love and new Springfield collection!

Hi! :)

School is keeping me busy, but I could still do more. I would like to be learning more History and writing. But anyway, this is a DOLL blog, and we talk about dolls, well, mostly! ;)

Lets start off with LINK LOVE.

Can you believe it? I am booked with over 15 posts to post for  you, now if I can just keep posting everyday - I will be keeping you happy! XD

Pretty Lilly bought an adorable pair of PJs!

LOVE the Spiceys new dress!

Sophies interesting day!

GOTY Studios sent a letter to AG!

AG 2007 Flashback!


New things from Springfield that I think are adorable! :) (does anyone know the quality?)

Fuchsia Romper
Totally Rebecca!

Love the shirt! :)

Black Ruffle Flats

Chic, classy and under $5!

So, what do you think? Like any of the new stuff?

You can see the rest here:


Thanks for viewing! :)

Oh, and I am getting a new signature! :D




  1. I love the striped shirt with the yellow pants. <3

  2. Cute!

    ~ Mysti

  3. I should start doing link love too! :)

  4. The spring-field items are soo adorable :)

  5. Rose: Me too! :) Wouldn't it look great on Nicki? ;)

    Mysti: Thanks for stopping by! :D

    Jess: You shoudl! :D

    Asmita: I agree! But we don't have a micheals near by... :( But I guess you don't either! :)