Saturday, September 22, 2012

56 followers, Etsy tees,and my favorite dolls!

Hello! :)

Couldn't get on the computer for awile. My dad was watching this show about Corn, some thing liek "Food Ink". BUT - Here I am! :D

I located this shop full of fun Etsy Tees, a few weeks ago, and loved it!

Here are my favorites!

"The Beach Shack" looks has amazing prices on one of a kind shirts (for your doll).

Plain Blue Tee Shirt for American Girl Dolls

Is that #55 with an eye swap? She is so pretty!

Anyway- This shirt is so simple, thats why I like it! pair it with a pair of jeans (Like in the picture) or with a cute skirt for special ocasions!



Plum Tank Top for American Girl Dolls

LOVE it! :)

Wanna know more?

Description: This plum colored tank top is for American Girl and other 18 inch play dolls.
It was made using a clean, up-cycled tee shirt.
The back features sewn-in velcro, and was made using a Liberty Jane Pattern.


Susan at  also makes the sleeveless top for $3. She has a few different colors to choose from (but not the plum color above).

Thank you so much Syd for letting us post this! ;) I wish you the best of luck on your Etsy shops.



My favorite dolls are going to be listed here.... Hopefully I can get them all! XD LOL, not not all. :)

JLY35.jpg     JLY37.jpg     JLY38.jpg

JLY41.jpg    JLY44.jpg    JLY47.jpg    JLY49.jpg

JLY55.jpg   JLY53.jpg  

Caroline Abbott, Cecile Rey, Ruthie Smithens, Mia St. Clair, Sonali Mathews, Meckenna (my sister already called her though). And a few more like Elizabeth, and Nellie.

What about you? I would like to change my dolls Felicity's name.... Any ideas??


We have 56 followers! Thank you for the support! :D

Have a nice day!



  1. What type of name for your Lissie are you thinking of? If you don't want to change it too much, Lissie can be permanent or Felicia, too, is a good 'nickname'......

    1. Well, totally different. Something unique and dainty - what do you think? Thanks for commenting!

  2. I love those T-shirst too! :) Hmm, a new name for about (Kit and Erica suggested these too) Bridget, Cynthia, Amanda, Willa, or Dawn?

    1. I LOVE Dawn. :) Do you think thats a good one? What about a middle name and a last name??

    2. I LOVE Dawn! That should totally be her name!
      I don't know about a last name:-)

      I think that doll might be 23, but I'm not sure.

    3. Cool! I like Dawn too. I think it suits Felicity well. Erica also suggested Charlotte. :)

    4. And for a last name: Madison, Morgan, Lewis, Clark, Swanson, Erikson, William, Radcliff, or... there are all sorts of possibilities! :)