Sunday, August 19, 2012

News! :)

Hello! :)

Just a boring old news post, no not really! :D

1. Goodwill is always so much fun to go too! What is I told you I found 2 AG dolls at the store? Well, I did! :) (No, you will not know until the post, which could be days...) I am so excited to show you!!

2. I am very busy! I started piano classes at the university, and my AG auction is coming up soon.

3. I am downsizing on AG, I want to really have the items that are unique. :) I am selling a third! Some of the things include Mignight Holly Outfit and maybe a blue track outfit..... And some AG jeans and T-shirts!

Have a nice night!

1 comment:

  1. Cool! :)
    You are selling a third of your AG stuff? Wow! Will you post about what is for sale specifically later on, or maybe add it to the AGMarket website? I might be interested in buying some things.
    Thanks, Jess