Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Giveaway Winners! :D

Hello Girls! :)

I just put all of the names in a hat so that I could tell you who won the items..... :D

Third Place: A $2.00 Gift card to my Etsy shop:

Emma Meow!

Second Place: Chicago Tee


First place: MI GIRLZ OUTFIT

Emma Wright

Congrats girls! :)

If you are a winner - congrats! :) Please email me (within 3 days), with your address. Thank you!

Thank you MI GURLZ for sponsering! You are the best!! :D


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  2. Hey AGMarket Emma is out of town right now she will be back on Friday or Saturday. :)


  3. Hannah: I am shiiping it out soon! :) Thanks for letting me know!

    Emma: I sent you an email! :)

    Jess: Thanks for commenting!

  4. :):):) I am so happy!!! I entered around 45 contests giveaways and so far this is the only one I won! I was running around this house screaming! My mom was like: good job honey! I know how much you love the AG place Chicago! My dad(after I finished screaming): you like Chicago? Oh you won something. What is it? SOOOO happy thank you so much xoxoxo -Katie
    P.s. I will send you my address soon :):)