Friday, August 17, 2012

Estate Sale finds!!

Hi all! :)

A couple weeks back (yes, I am that slow on posting!) we went to an Estate sale, (amazing!) The person was a DOLL collector! Yes, I know! :D

We walked right in- and look what my sister spotted!

Kirstens Kittens! :) They were $6! (brand new in box!)

Tons of cute little dresses for our Hearts for Hearts dolls (this is just one of them, the blue one up  there is also one, both were $0.50 each!).

A shawl for Josephina! :) Adorable, right? SO NM!

(bad picture quality!) :( :) Retired skate dress ($5!)..... I love it! :) It is so glittery! :)

And guess what? Today we went to another Garage Sale, and tomorrow we are going to go to an Estate sale. SO- maybe that means more posts?!?

More news:

I took a photo shoot with Felicity, so when I get a chance I might post that.
I entered the Doll Wardrobes Fall Doll Giveaway- I hope I win! :D
I am looking at some doll things on Craigslist!

I hope you all have a super nice day! :)

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  1. What great finds!! I think i need to find a few estate sales around here!