Sunday, August 26, 2012

Craft time with new doll patterns!

Hello! :)

Fashion week is still going on! Yay! :-)

Sewing is a lot of fun for most of you (I take a long time to make something!!)! :D

These adorable patterns are available on Etsy for less than $7.00 a piece. I love the way the dolls look in the outfits. I get pictures all the time from you (thru email) and you say that you are looking for more patterns and fun crafts! Well, here are some fun ones!

Summer Grace Sewing Pattern by Dollhouse Designs for 18" Dolls Sundress Dress

(by the way, is that doll Lanie? She looks so pretty with that hairstyle!) ;)

The dress above is one of my favorites from their collection! I love all the little details. I also think that a summer color (like the yellow above) would look very nice if you decided to make this one.

Dollhouse Designs Victorian Camisole and Pantalets Sewing Pattern for 18" Dolls Pajamas PJs

So cute! Even though this might seem old fashion, I would see this with a pair of pants or a pretty black skirt! :D

Dollhouse Designs Stylish Peplum Sewing Pattern for 18" Dolls 1 or 2-pc Dress Skirt Top Clothes

This pattern is called "Soda Popped!" :) I think the red looks really good with a dark haired doll!

Thank you DollHouse designs for allowing me to show the girls your wonderful work! :)


* She also loves custom items!

They have sold over 300 items! (so I highly recommend them!)