Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New AG Items and my Thoughts! :D


My moving went well,  but we STILL don't  have computer, but my grandpa was kind enough to let me come over and do my post for today (I also am going to schedule some).

Thank you so much Jessica, Emma, Hannah, and Priya, without you the blog would of be bored! :) You are such great friends, if you EVER need any help, let me know. :D

Ok, so Jessica already posted about the new AG stuff, but I thought I would post my thoughts on the new items.... ok, lets get started!

I really enjoy this outfit! I think it is a little pricey for $28 but I will be getting this at the AG store in Denver. It is very fun and festive. :D

I also think this is really sporty, it could of included something else though. I mean $24 just for a medal (made of Plastic!), slippers (which don't really match the style) and the sweater..... So, I am not going to get this.

I am not really into the 1970s, so this is not an outfit that I like. :( I think it looks to hippy. BUT it looks well made and I hope it makes someone happy. I think out of the two, I like Ivys outfit better ( plus this is like her second outfit other than her meet outfit).

Very cute! :) But how would a 9 year old drive, it is adorable and  looks like great quality!  I would buy it for $200 but NOT for $350..... this is totally out of my budget!

My sister adores this outfit! And I must say, the more I look at it the more I like it! It looks very chic and comfy! But also great for a party look! The headband is adorable and the shoes are classy!

On a different note, I have those shoes. They are my favorite of all!

I also really like the doll! :) She is cute and a great add on to any collection!

This dress is a little to girly girl for me (no offense). I think it would appeal to a younger crowd. BUT I love the boots and I think the style of the dress is perfect for any day of fun!

This is a very fun and girly look. I like how they put butterflies (because we are in the spring). The colors are colorful, but I am getting used to it. I like the robe a lot, and might buy it for Rebecca... I think she would look cute in it!

I don't really like this outfit, the colors are to bright for my taste, but I think it would look great on a doll with blonde hair. :)  The thing that bugs me about this outfit is that it is $38! The highest price paid for  any outfit yet!:(

I LOVE this outfit! It is so sport but yet it has some girly things about it! This is something that I would wear! Plus it looks great on that doll (which I would call Autumn!)

I LOVE this outfit too! I do not do volleyball but I like the colors and the ball looks so cute! I will be getting this for sure! =) It is  a little pricey, but is worth it!

Aww! This is the best Holloween Outfit yet! It is so cute, the skirt is making me want to buy it! :) I know a lot of you don't celebrate Holloween, but this still would be easy to wear. The shirt with a pair of jeans (or a black skirt), the skirt for a dance performance, and the tights for normal day fun!

And here comes one of my favorites!! I love this look! I like the shoes! And the jeans! And the top! And the vest! VERY CUTE! I can't wait to try it on my doll, Rebecca!

American Girl also has extra things, like shoes, a new lunch bag, and extras....

Hope you enjoyed todays post! See you soon!


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  1. It seems like the last picture you posted, is everybody's favorite, including me! Also I am the same with you on the leopard print dress, I like it more and more each time I look at it!