Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review on Doll Skirts


I went to get the mail one morning, and found a wonderful surprise! I got a packedge from a wonderful Etsy shop! She wanted me to review some of her items, so here is the review post!

This lovely skirt normally sells for $6.00... ok, here is the review.

Things I loved:
1. The cute is super pretty. It goes to her knees.
2. The color choice is a very springy color, I love it! It goes with everything!
3.This item was made very well. My mom (who sews quite well), agreed that this is a great quality item!
4. Sandra (the shop owner) was very sweet and helpful. ;)

The things that could use some work:
1. The design was sorta dated.

                     But I love this skirt so much! It is so beautiful and Felicity loves it!

 The 2nd skirt I got was a light blue denim skirt. very cute!

Things I loved:
1. The cut it very beautiful, it shapes their body very well.
2. I love the ruffle at the end.
3. It goes so well with the things I have.

Things that could use some work:
1. I think the denim could of been a little darker.

Thank you Sandra! My dolls love them! I give you an A+++++!!

You can check out her shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AbygailElizabeth

have a wonderful day!

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