Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview with Priya

Hi Girls!!

I am doing an interview with Priya, she has a wonderful blog-

I asked her some fun questions. ;)

 Me: 1. How many dolls do you have?
Priya: I have five AG dolls: Penelope (JLY), Rebecca, Lanie, Emily, and Kit.
Me: 2. How many more dolls do you want?
Priya: Zero! Five is enough for me. :)

Me: 3. Her link (www.americangirlplayground)..... what can my readers see at your blog?
Priya: At my blog, I have fun games (Guess-o-Ramas!), videos, photoshoots, contests, and more!

Me: 4. What is your current goal for your blog?
Priya: My current goal is to reach 60 followers!

Me: 5. Who is your favorite doll?
Priya:  My favorite doll is Penelope, since she is my first doll and my look-alike.

Thank you Priya!! This was very fun to do!

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