Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall OOTDS - with fur and leather.

Happy fall to all of my readers!
I know I have a lot of explaining to do posting wise. Basically in a short summery, school, my job and my life have taken this all up.
But I'm back- or at least temporarily back.

You may know me as @agmaret on Instagram I have defiantly been on there daily keeping it active. I know a lot of you here follow me there, but I still wanted to let the newcomers know.

Seriously my favorite season. The candles, coffee, and crisp morning. {talk about aliteration!}

Whenever I wear leather or fur sometimes I look fat {lol} if I'm not wearing it the right way. Still working on personal fashion, but the girls got their outfits down.

Here is the overall look.

Crop top- Created by us.
Fur vest- (I promise, this is fake fur.) FlannelandFir
Jeans: RoyalDollBoutique
Sandals: American Girl
Model for this one is: Catalina Kirsten Scott (aka mag #61)

Catalina is one of my favorites, because her hair already reminds me of fall, so thats already a plus. +

We adored these jeans the minute we saw them in her shop, sadly we couldn't buy them because they were pass our budget, I believe they were $20-25, meaning pass my budget. I waited a little while and then my friend Leah (from offoxandbird) sold them to me for $5. I was totally stoked and they have remained my favorite jeans to date,

 How cute are these little sandals. Gotta love them.
Oh and we love rolling our doll jeans. It adds that hipster vibe.

Let me know if you have any questions on this look, another look is coming soon. 


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