Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Fashion - A review with Aunt Sissy Originals

Good evening gals!

Today has been a full day, but I did dress all of my dolls in their Holiday outfits. Oh my gosh! They are so lovely. {Don't worry - I will share photos of that soon}.

I discovered this shop while hunting on Etsy for some Christmas outfits that would blow my readers away! {and I think that that mission we can check off with a check mark!}

ASO carries outfits for your modern 18 inch doll.

For now, I wanted  to share with you the fanciest Holiday dress we currently have, this one is from Aunt Sissy's Originals. We love the two piece, lace, printed Christmas fancy set.

Here are some pictures - the model is Evangeline.

My camera died on me as I tried to take a picture of the lovely skirt.

This set came with:
A crisp white cotton long sleeved tee with a front patch of lace.
A stiff type of fabric (taffeta?) with Ivory and Gold imprints.
A bracelet and necklace set.

I also received it wrapped in very jolly wrappings, and a little card for my doll {and a matching one for me!}. Ahh! I am so joyous. The quality is five star, and my mom and I are still not done gasping at it. 

I am so happy to be able to share this amazing and hard working shop owner and shop, Lora from Aunt Sissy Originals with you.

The quality is amazing, and completely mind blowing.
The shipping was very fast.
it came clean and ready for play!
The wrappings were stunning!
Service is unbeatable.

none here!
So, yes, please check out this store! You will not be let down!
Thank you Lora! :)


  1. Thank you for the grand review! Your photos are lovely! I am super excited!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for posting a lot, nowadays it's hard to find doll blogs that still post. I was able to find a few and yours was one of them! Thank you thank you thank you! You inspire me so much and I wish more blogs were like yours. I was hoping you would take an award here :

    You inspire me so much and you deserve a small little reward.
    That is a beautiful outfit!