Tuesday, October 15, 2013

American Girl/Etsy Things for Sale

Sadly, I need much money for the vet costs for my rabbit, Butterberry. I already sold half of my collection (I will do an all my dolls, soon). 

If you are interested in any items, email me at AGMarketClub@hotmail.com, email me thru Etsy, or kik me at agmarket.

I only accept Paypal, and shipping is not included.
I do ship overseas.

Heart shirt. Show how much you love your doll.

Adorable white and classy shorts!

Red polka dot flare.

V-neck dresses are so stylish!

Playwonder fun is always the best.

Always need a purse.

Rebecca would love this!

Yes another fun option for a purse.

Toms? I think yes.

Ballet is always a favorite.

So pretty.

O-O Another purse?

Swimsuits are so fun!

Blue is my favorite color!

Layer layer layer!

TLC shirt. But adorable?

Liberty Jane!


Floral Skinny Jenas

Black Tights

Floral Shorts

Plain White Tee

Going mini!

Rebecca's unique outfit!

Something new!

Soon to be retired!

Three cheers for lace!

and a winter coat.

Interested? Thanks for commenting and contacting me. Thanks all for supporting me.


  1. Coat!!! I would like the coat. I am sorry about your bunny :( I hope he pulls through...

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your bunny. Vet bills can be very expensive. I do hope Butterberry gets better soon. I also hope you do not have to sell all your dolls. That would be so sad. Sending hugs and healing thoughts and prayers.

  3. This is terrible news! I went through a similar thing with some of my rabbits. I used to breed them, and one of them (my favourite one!) had to get put down, and a few babies died, one even got taken by a rat! It was so stressful, so I'm not breeding them anymore.

    I really hope you don't have to sell all your dolls, however, I am looking for an AG doll at the moment, so if you have to sell them, I might be able to buy one off you.

    I will be praying for you!

  4. So sorry about your rabbit! My cat got hit by a car once, she survived and I am hoping the same for your rabbit.

  5. If you are, can u plz do a discount for a loyal friend?