Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reading with my Doll - a photo story.

As requested.

Hello! (: I am Emmeline Fern. That doll whose real name is Emily, which I think is just *not* unique. TO ME. Anyway. I haven't appeared on My American Girl Story, because I dislike writing, and I mean, who cares if I read with my dolls?

Uh, I suppose my manager (aka Rebecca). Lets get started!

I am the doll, nature, and school lover of my family. I have so many hobbies.

Here is me, with my doll. All happy. And then I remembered I don't have the new GOTY doll that came out. :( I will hopefully order her soon.

My chair is from a friend, and it is very comfy. {*cough* yes I do fall off}

Reading is great, sure it is! So is nature. Let us go check out the nature surrounding us.

So pretty. Bark, bugs, and greenery.

Do you see these amazing skinny jeans? I wore my new favorite outfit today. It is from Hopscotch Sundae. A fresh and fun Etsy shop with high quality (and adorable) items!

Here are the back of the jeans. It is like a whole new look!

Me with my doll again.

The outfit from:

includes a pair of wild skinny jeans, that are so well made. They have front and back pockets, and are easy to get on! A black tank top to layer with, made out of high quality fabric!
And a white overlay burn-out tee, that is fun, and fresh.

We love this company. The shipping was fast, and was wrapped in sweet tissue paper.

So what are you waiting for? GO DOLLS AND CUTE CLOTHES!
Thanks for reading. :)